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Xiaomi Shows Off Third-Gen Under-Display Camera Tech For Its 2021 Phones

With the coming of new technologies almost every day, nothing seems impossible nowadays. Every smartphone manufacturer keeps bringing up new things. Today, Xiaomi unveiled the third generation of under-display camera technology that the company will use in its 2021 phones. It means that we will now see the Xiaomi phones equipped with under-screen camera technology in 2021. ZTE was probably the first company to launch a phone with an under-screen camera but, Xiaomi seems to be giving a tough competition now.

Xiaomi Under Screen Camera Comparison
Image courtesy: Xiaomi/YouTube

Xiaomi shared a video of a ‘special’ version of Mi 10 Ultra equipped with an under-screen camera, showing off its under-display camera technology. It was, however, just a prototype device. According to Xiaomi, the new under-screen camera technology will entirely disguise the selfie camera under the phone’s display. That too, without affecting the edge-to-edge display effect.

How Xiaomi Under Screen Camera Works

Xiaomi Under Screen Camera Tech
Image: Xiaomi

The under-screen camera tech means that the selfie camera will be hidden behind the phone’s display. So how would the camera see you? Well, it works like this: When you activate the front camera, the pixels in front of the camera will shut down. Xiaomi says that the company is using a self-developed pixel arrangement on the screen for this purpose. It allows the display to pass light through the gaps of ​​the sub-pixels. All this happens without compromising the pixel density as every pixel on the screen retains a complete RGB subpixel layout. So, the pixel density before the under-display selfie camera remains the same as on the rest of the display.

Xiaomi says that it will start mass-producing the smartphones with under-screen cameras in 2021. We don’t know the exact date and month in which the company will start its production, but we expect it to begin in the Q1 of 2021 itself. So you may start seeing under-display phones from Xiaomi the very next year — a feat of modern technology.

While we may have to wait for the technology to come to us, you can see the camera in action in this video on YouTube.


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