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Now Playing Screen Gets Redesigned For Google Podcasts

Google’s latest app simplifies the player screen in Google Podcasts. The redesign gives more space to control keys, though some other controls might be difficult to access. The new UI comes with certain layout changes as well. For instance, the scrubber now appears below the scrolling episode title and the cover art. In comparison with the old layout, this looks a tad bit wider. The play button follows it, accompanies by a ’30-second jump’ and ’10-second rewind’. It is a part of the new Google App, that the now playing screen gets redesigned. Recently, other Google apps also got a revamp.

Here is the new layout of buttons

The new position of the ‘Play Queue’ breaks the symmetrical look of the UI. It is now located just beside the ’10-second rewind’ button. The bottom row of buttons is categorically made for avoiding accidental taps. It also increases some negative space in between the buttons.

redesigned now playing screen for Google Podcasts
Image Courtesy: 9To5Google

You would find the ‘Playback Speed’ tile at the left bottom of the screen. With the Now Playing Screen redesigned for Google Podcasts, the ‘Cast To’ is right under the ‘Play Button’. Additionally, if you wish to ‘Share’ the podcast, set a ‘Sleep Timer’ or mark some audio as played, head to the ‘three dots’ at the bottom right corner. The sleep timer would give you an option to set the podcast for 5, 10, 15, 30, or 35 minutes. You can even set it to 1 hour or till the end of the episode.

redesigned now playing screen for google podcasts
Image Courtesy: 9To5Google

The redesigned Google Podcast comes with version 11.42 of Google’s Open beta. It has not come out as stable update yet, while the iOS application has not received any update yet. Google has consistently been updating its services across all platforms. Be it the workspace apps, smartphones, or other utility features.


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