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Brand new JBL Tour Series Would Ease Work Calls

It might surprise some of you, but JBL is the child company of Harman. They have recently announced a brand new series of headphones named the “Tour Series”. For this product, business professionals would be the primary target audience. The JBL Tour Series would ease work calls for one and all. The headphones would likely be available by May.

There is a wide variety of wireless headphones in the market that offer a plethora of features. However, noise cancellation and audio quality during phone calls are common issues among people using wireless headphones. Hence, JBL has swooped in with a solution to enhance the calling experience, once and for all.  

JBL tour series would ease work calls
Image Courtesy: Harman Newsroom

Here is what you can expect from the JBL Tour Series

JBL is a well-known brand and a reliable choice for headphones and speakers for the majority of people. It has recently announced that the upcoming JBL Tour Series would ease work call. Additionally, it would also offer commendable noise cancellation to the customers. The Tour series comprises two perfect pairs of headphones. The first one is the JBL Tour ONE, an over-ear model. The in-ear headphone model would be called as JBL Tour Pro+. They offer excellent portability and are lightweight and compact.

JBL tour series would ease up work calls
Image Courtesy: Harman Newsroom

The Tour ONE features True Adaptive Noise Cancellation. It cancels the noise by monitoring outside background noises. Tour ONE offers a playback time of impressive 50 hours, which gets half while using true ANC. While Tour Pro+ offers 8 hours without ANC and 6 with it. The charging case adds an additional 30 hours. Tour ONE would be priced at USD 299. While Tour Pro+ would be available at a slightly lower price of USD 199.

The JBL Tour Series would ease work calls with these products and offer an outstanding listening experience. It is nothing less than a jackpot for customers, as it would solve their long-standing troubles with the calls.

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