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Microsoft Edge Canary Gets Web Capture Feature

Microsoft Edge Canary is the tech giant’s answer to Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox on Windows. Chrome holds over 69% of the userbase for Windows web browsers. It has prompted Microsoft to develop incentives to get Chrome users on Edge Canary.

One such feature is web capture, which allows users to capture and share parts of a web page effortlessly. Currently, this feature is only available to users registered as testers for Microsoft Edge Canary on Windows. You can download the browser here to get the latest updates to Microsoft Edge every night.

This feature was initially noticed by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter, who shared a video that depicts this feature in action. Here is the original tweet.

While the feature was a core part of the legacy Edge browser, it was not available on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Users can access the feature through the ellipsis menu in on the top right of their Edge Canary window. While this feature is available only for testing right now, it should see a full release for Microsoft Edge users soon.

More updates for Microsoft Edge Canary

There are reports suggesting support for the ability to annotate the web captures. Later, users can easily share these with friends and colleagues or store them on their computers. This feature isn’t available to the users yet. But users would appreciate the inclusion of this feature to Microsoft Edge.

Among other updates to the browser, Microsoft added the ability to delete a downloaded file through the Downloads shelf. Users have an option to show or hide the Favorites bar from the Favorites management page.

The user will now receive more alerts when Password Monitor detects a compromised password. The development team enabled support for Default Sensors Setting, Sensors Allowed For URLs, and Sensors Blocked For URLs management policies from Chromium, among other bug fixes.


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