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Super Mario 3D All Stars Now Open for Preorder

It won’t be a stretch to claim that Mario is the single most defining Nintendo Character. Over the 39 years since its creation, the character has appeared in games across multiple genres. Now the iconic plumber is set to make another appearance in Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D All Stars.

It is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, set to launch worldwide on September 18th, 2020. Super Mario 3D All Stars will include three 3D classic Mario titles, which initially released three separate Nintendo consoles. The three games are Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine.

These are three of the best selling Mario titles in the history of the franchise. Super Mario 64 sold nearly 12 million copies on the Nintendo 64 console. 

On the other hand, Super Mario Sunshine recorded over 6 million sales on the Nintendo GameCube. However, both games were surpassed by Super Mario Galaxy, which sold almost 13 million copies on the Nintendo Wii.

What’s new in Super Mario 3D All Stars?

All three games, as part of this bundle, have received upgrades to their graphics. Further, Super Mario Sunshine will feature support for 16:9 resolution. Also, Super Mario Galaxy controls received optimizations for Switch. It allows the player to use the two Joy-Cons to perform actions that required the Wii remote in the initial release.

An interesting detail about this release is that Nintendo has announced it as a limited edition. The physical copies of the title will reach stores in limited quantities. However, Switch owners can buy digital copies of the game through the Nintendo eShop till March 2021.

Following the usual trend for Nintendo games, this bundle of classics will only release as a standard edition title. No preorder perks or special-edition titles have been announced by Nintendo yet. However, if any future announcements arise, they will be updated here.

Super Mario 3D All Stars is now up for preorder here for $59.99 on the official Nintendo website.


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