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Fortnite Players Give In-Game Tribute to Black Panther

The world mourns the loss of a brilliant actor and public figure Chadwick Boseman. The actor lost a four year battle to colon cancer at the age of 43. Chadwick received a special tribute by Fortnite players across the world. Thousands of players arrived at the Black Panther statue, added as part of Season 4 map updates, during matches.

The Black Panther statue, known as ‘Panther’s Prowl’, is a new landmark on Fortnite. Floating mid-air, the statue is located near Misty Meadows. It is part of season 4’s Marvel-themed locations on the map like the Doctor Dooms’ Domain.

The addition comes to the map after the demise of Chadwick Boseman, who played the iconic character in the MCU. However, Epic stated that the statue wasn’t released in response to the actor’s passing.

The landmark has multiple loot drops and chest spawns. Usually, locations like these are a hotbed among players farming for loot. However, players arriving at this location are refusing to battle in honor of their fallen hero.

Instead, players would show up at the location and take a knee by crouching. With challenges surrounding the landmark expected soon, this wholesome moment was widely shared here across Reddit.

Soon, the FortniteBR subreddit had players calling for a ‘Wakanda Forever’ emote in honor of the Wakandan King. Other players expressed their desire for the monument to be a permanent feature on the map, which evolves further as a point of interest.

More Black Panther themed content coming

Fortnite fans were excited by a leak surrounding the potential arrival of a Black Panther skin in the popular game. HypeX, a popular figure in the niche of Fortnite leaks, has confirmed that their team has found files for the Black Panther suit’s signature kinetic absorption powers.

It means that soon players might be able to absorb damage from the hits they take. Later, they can unleash the stored energy on their opponents, similar to the MCU superhero. It would be a welcome addition for the players, who already get to use Doctor Doom’s unique weapons. More updates like this are expected as part of Fortnite’s season 4 partnership with Marvel.


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