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Google Nest Hub Max Receives Updates – Improves Google Meet Experience

Earlier this year, Google Meet became available on Nest Hub Max. Users all around the globe could access G Suite applications on Google’s smart display. With the deep integration of Google Assistant, one could join an online conference by just saying, “Okay Google, join my meeting”. However, as is the deal with all the other beta programs, it had some issues too.

What are the updates?

Several organizations and businesses enrolled as an administrator for the same. End Users could use it once their organizations are enrolled in the beta program. Google is constantly adding software updates to improve the experience of those using Meets on Nest Hub.

  1. It would let the user monitor their schedule through an in-call clock
  2. Addition of nameplates on user’s titles to recognise them
  3. Ability to pin a specific user by just tapping on their tile
  4. A 2×2 grid to see up to 4 people at once
  5. Overflow menu to see all the attendees on the call
Google Nest Hub Max with improved Google Suite Experience
Image Courtesy: Google Blog


These updates are already available for organizations enrolled in Google Assistant Beta program, and for the users who have connected their Google Workplace to a Nest Hub Max. It would help enhance the utility of a Google Meet session.

Due to the pandemic, almost all the ventures around the world are operating with the help of online conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Google Meet alone has about 100 million daily active users.


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