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Improved text cursor control on Google Chrome for Android is coming soon

Google Chrome recently got way too many updates and Google ain’t stopping here. Google is working on an improved cursor control for Google Chrome for Android. With the changes coming to the Canary version soon, it will allow users to interact with Chrome just like any other apps on the platform.

According to the post by Google, the new and improved cursor control on Google Chrome lets users utilize touch gestures. As of now, when you tap on any editable area on Chrome, you get the cursor and a teardrop handle. Hold this teardrop handle and you can move the cursor across the extremities of the editable area.

Google Chrome text cursor control before
Image via Chrome Story

Google’s updated text cursor controls allow users to navigate the cursor with touch gestures on-board. Here, an intricate system comprising many events, elements, renderer, and other moving parts allows users to drag the cursor with a gesture. Google has worked on many use cases to prevent the drag to move the cursor to malfunction as well. Users can drag it horizontally by dragging the touch along the way. Getting this control on-board Chrome will unify it with other apps on Android that use the same logic.

Google Chrome text cursor control after
Via Chrome Story

Google has asked its users to watch out for a new flag called ‘Swipe to move cursor’. This will indicate that the feature is alive and kicking. It allows users to utilize touch gestures to move the cursor across the editable area on the browser.

This is a great feature for those who use their smartphones to edit their docs or compose or reply to emails on Android. As of now, the feature will first arrive on Google’s Canary channel which is the first place where features are tested in the area. It will still take several weeks before the feature could roll out in public on the Google Chrome application. Watch out this space for further updates.


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