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Google introduces ‘Chrome Actions’, a new way to navigate on the web

Google’s Chrome browser is undoubtedly one of the most popular web browsers. The best thing about Chrome is that Google keeps on updating. It. One of the latest features to arrive with Chrome Browser M87 is “Chrome Actions!”. 

Chrome Actions allows users to command the browser to do certain tasks or navigate in a jiffy. Simply type in one of the many Chrome Actions commands in the address bar on the browser and it will be done. In fact, we tried it and found it to be snappy, robust, and efficient in getting things done.

It includes commands to do tasks like delete history or edit passwords among others. Here are some of the actions you can command on Google Chrome’s address bar.

Clear Browsing Data

Clear Cache - Chrome Actions

To get it done, simply type ‘clear cache’, ‘delete history’, ‘wipe cookies’ and it will be done. Once you type the said command, a button appears in the search box. Tap on it and the history will vanish.

Open Incognito Window

Open Incognito Window Chrome Actions

Now you don’t have to go all the way to ‘More’ and select ‘Open Incognito Mode’. Simply type ‘launch incognito mode’ or simply ‘incognito’ and Chrome will open it for you.

Translate Page

Translate Page Chrome Actions

Although Chrome automatically detects the language and translates it into English, this feature adds another layer of translation. Recall it by typing ‘translate page’, ‘translate this page’, or ‘translate this’ and it’s done. 

Manage Payment Methods

Manage Payments Methods - Chrome Actions

Redirect to your “Manage Payment Methods” section by typing in the command ‘update card info’. You can also use ‘edit credit card’ in the address bar and it will redirect you. 

Update Chrome

Update Chrome "Chrome Actions"

It’s ironic that you have to update Chrome because most of the updates are levied in the background. But in case if you have an incoming update, try ‘update google chrome’ or ‘update browser’. It will verify if there’s any new update and allow you to upgrade if there’s a new version available. 

Manage Passwords

Manage Passwords

It usually takes a few steps to check out the passwords section on Google Chrome. With this Chrome Actions, type ‘update credentials’, ‘edit passwords’ and it will redirect you to the passwords section. Here, you can manage all your passwords and credentials right away. 

This update is currently rolling out in batches in a progressive manner. Thus, it could take weeks before it arrives across all the devices worldwide. Some of the users might get the feature right away while some will have to wait for it to arrive with Chrome Browser M87 that will update itself in the background.


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