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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Phone

The majority of the population owns android smartphones as they have the advantage to choose their device from diverse brands and manufacturers. And this is the foremost reason why Android users change their devices so frequently. As an average, people change their smartphones every 7-8 months or so. This makes it very difficult to transfer crucial information to new devices such as photos, contacts, messages, and so on.

Transferring all the contacts from your old Android phone to a new Android phone is the challenge almost all of us face from time to time. But do not worry, as there are simple methods to transfer contacts from an android to android phone, which we will discuss today.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Phone

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Phone

If you wish to transfer your contacts from the old device to your new device, then there are two methods you can try. The first one is straightforward, but you might lose some contacts which are saved locally. The other method includes making a local backup copy and transferring it to the new device. So let’s check out both the approaches.

Method 1: Sync your Contacts via Google Account

Google provides us with lots of unique and useful features, which also includes contact syncing. If your contacts are synced with Google Account, then you can access your contacts on any Android device, just by logging into your Google Account.

Even more, by default, the contact syncing feature is enabled in all Android devices. So there are no extra steps involved to enable Google syncing on your smartphone.

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It is a very effortless process if you have a new phone and want to transfer all your previous contacts. You will have to login to your Google account on your new smartphone and enable contact syncing. Although it is enabled by default, to know more in detail, follow the steps mention below.

Step 1:  Firstly, open up the Settings on your new smartphone then go to Accounts.

Android Contact Transfer

Step 2: In the Accounts settings, click on the Google account.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android Phone

Then on the next page, click on Account sync option.

Android Contact Transfer

Step 3: Now, on the Google Account Sync settings page, check if the Contacts option is on or not. If the Contacts option is off, then toggle it on, this will sync your Google contacts to your new smartphone.

Android Contact Transfer

Note: Ensure that your Data is on. The transfer may take a while for all your contacts to sync up. So give it some time. After that you can open up the contacts, and you will find that all the previous contacts have been synced to your new Android Device.

Method 2: Transfer Contacts via VCF File

If, for some reason, you aren’t comfortable transferring your Contacts via Google Account syncing you can use a VCF file to transfer your Contacts to another Android device. However, first, you will have to create a VCF file. To do so, open up the Contacts application.

Step 1: Click on the three vertical dots to open up the contact menu. Then from the menu, select the settings option. The steps might vary from one model to another.

Android Contact Transfer

Step 2: Click on the Export option to export all your current contacts in a VCF file. Now you can transfer the VCF file to your other Android device via Bluetooth or an email.

Android Contact Transfer

Step 3: Now switch to your new smartphone and open the Contacts app. Click on more options to bring the Contact Menu, there select Manage Contacts from the menu. Now, click on the Import button, then locate the path to your internal memory where you have kept the VCF file.

Step 4: Select the contacts.vcf file and open it, click on the OK button to unpack the VCF file, and transfer all the contacts to your Android device.


As you see, transferring contacts takes just a few minutes from your busy schedule. The best way to transfer contacts is by Google account automatic sync, but sometimes it may miss some of your contacts. So try method two if you don’t see all of your contacts on your new phone.


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