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Pokemon Sword and Shield to Debut Kalos Region

The Kalos region is the most popular area in the world of Pokemon games. It was the first region depicted in the Pokemon anime. Further, it is also the region where the original trilogy of pokemon games was set in. Hence, whether it a veteran or a newbie the Kalos region has a special place in the hearts of Pokemon fans. And this fan-favorite location might be coming to the Pokemon Sword and Shield game.

Fans have always wanted the popular region to appear in the game. However, the game has received two DLCs in a year since its launch without any hint of the above. But players now believe that Game Freak might just fulfill their wishes. Even Junichi Masuda allegedly teased the arrival of Kalos in Pokemon Sword and Shield with this tweet.

Image courtesy: Game Freak

Why Kalos will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

It is common knowledge for any major Pokemon fan that the Galar region is based on the Great Britain region. On the other hand, the Kalos region is based on France. Hence, it gives a geographical reason for the two regions to be connected in-game. However, the reason goes beyond this.

The addition of the Kalos region in Pokemon Sword and Shield also gives a way to complete the unfinished story from Gen 6’s Pokemon X and Y. The unnamed region for the war from Pokemon X and Y can be Kalos region, given its sheer importance in the world of Pokemon. Finally, the unused train station in Couriway Town’s Kalos region allows a way to connect the two regions.

The train station cannot be used by the player throughout the game. And we don’t receive any explanation for this. With trains being a common way to travel for trainers in the Galar region, it will make sense if the train station represents a connection between the two regions.


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