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How To Mod Chrome On Android

Google Chrome is the most popular browser across all the platforms, be it Android, Windows, or macOS. It has been an integral part of the Android operating system and its default browser since 2013 and has been evolving with various new features and improvements daily. Well, Chrome’s already packed with great features and performance, but there are still a couple of tweaks that remain off for a general user and can be enabled when mod Chrome on Android happens.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not about installing a modded version of Google Chrome instead it is about enabling some developer settings that are disabled as they are in an experimental state from Google’s side.
So today, I’ll be guiding you on how to mod Chrome on Android and making your Chrome experience even better.
So what’s the wait for, let’s get started!

What are Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags is what the developer mode is to Android. It has various ongoing experimental features that are enabled/disabled as per the version of Chrome your device is running. Here are the steps on how to open the flags page on your Google Chrome.

  1. In the URL bar, type the following command, ‘chrome://flags‘ which will open the flags page.
  2. To search for a specific feature, type the keywords in the search bar located above.
  3. Select the flag and tap the drop-down menu, where you will see many options to enable it. 
  4. Select the option that suits you best.
  5. Restart your browser.

Some Helpful Mods To Enable

These are some of the experimental features that I’ve been trying out using the Chrome flags, which I felt were quite impressive, so I thought you should give it a try. Now it is possible that some of the features that have been mentioned below might not be available.

New Chrome UI

#Enable Chrome Modern Design

A Fresh Look To Tabs

#Enable Accessibility Tab Switcher

How To Mod Chrome In Android Smartphone

Much Better Looking Menu Section

#Enable Custom Context Menu

How To Mod Chrome In Android Smartphone

One-Click Auto-fill Option

#Single-Click Autofill

Speed Boost On Browsing & Efficient Performance

These are the flags that work in the background to provide a snappy browsing experience and increase Chrome’s performance. These are purely experimental features so this can be optional to be enabled.

Raster Threads

#Number of Raster Threads

Canvas Features

#Experimental Canvas Features

Only Reload Visible Tabs Option

#Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs

TCP Fast-Opening

#TCP Fast Open

QUIC Protocol

#Experimental QUIC Protocol


Go ahead and give these flags a shot and tell us which one you like the most. Obviously, there are more than these and you can always try them as per your choice and share them with us. Lastly, dropdown your views, comments, or any feedback for further assistance, and we shall see you in the next one.


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