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How To Enable Face Unlock On Any Android Smartphone

Face unlocking is a trend that started early in 2017 and quickly became a global norm and most asked feature on any smartphone. Due to its quick, secure, and hands-free unlocking, face unlock became a hit among the users, and since its launch, constant improvements and updates are made to ensure the functionality remains intact. In this article, I’ll be explaining how you can enable fack unlock on any Android smartphone.

Let’s begin!

What Is Face Unlock & How Does It Work

ust like fingerprint unlocking, face unlocking is a way of unlocking your device simply by just looking at the front camera. It scans your face using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for unique face structure and mapping that helps in distinguishing your face uniqueness, thus providing security while unlocking. Though the face unlock is just a couple of years old, it has seen a rapid demand and growth among the users for the convenience and simplicity it offers.

Steps To Enable Face Unlock On Android Smartphone

There is almost no smartphone that does not launch without face unlocking feature these days. From budget smartphones to flagship smartphones, this feature is something that lies in common but, what if I tell you that face unlocking is something that began way back in 2014 by… wait for it. Yeah, this is something you got to wait for till the next section arrives.

So, let’s get started with the procedure of enabling face unlock.

For Latest Devices

If your smartphone is one of a recent buy or not older than one and a half to two years old, then you must be already having the face unlocking feature on your security settings page. In my case, I have a realme 6 Pro, which already supports face unlocking, and below is the screenshot that shows an option of the face unlocking on the settings page.

How To Enable Face Unlock On Any Android Smartphone

For other devices that support this feature, you can visit the settings application on your smartphone and find it in the security or lock-screen password section. There, you can set it up and enable the feature in no time.

For Older Devices

Now that you have come to this section, it’s time to reveal the big secret. There’s something called ‘Google Smart Lock’ which, was in big hype way back in 2016 during the Android Marshmallow launch. What it means is that it brings smart unlocking of your device when any of the following (face, voice, location, on-body detection) matches as per the saved information during its setup.

Yes, I did say face there. The face unlock is very well used in this smart lock feature which, is the same as what we see these days with Android face unlock setup. I have tried this feature on my oldest Android device, that is the Sony Xperia Z2, and below, you can see the steps with photos to understand the procedure.

  • Open the ‘Settings‘ application.
  • Go to your ‘lock-screen password‘ settings page.
  • There, you will find ‘Smart Lock’ listed. Click on it.
  • Select the ‘Trusted face’ option.
  • Set it up and, you are good to go.

How To Enable Face Unlock On Any Android Smartphone


Gone are the days of fingerprint unlocking with the arrival of the face unlocking. After following this tutorial, you should now be able to use the face unlocking feature on your smartphone irrespective of the software on it.

Go ahead and try it. Lastly, dropdown your views, comments, or any feedback for further assistance, and we shall see you in the next one.


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