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How To Manage Archive Files On Android Smartphones

Those days are long gone where we used a computer for all the major daily tasks, thanks to the advanced smartphone technology. You can nearly do everything on your smartphone that you were doing on your computer. This article is a guide on how to manage archive files on your Android smartphone. Let’s begin!

What is an Archive File

An archive file is a compressed form of the file comprising of a single sub-file or multiple sub-files. It compiles all the files together in a compressed size manner, which is easier to share via e-mail or any medium. Archive files apart from the size reduction offer more features like security encryption, malware protection, error detection, patch update, etc.
Some of the most popular formats used for archive files are (.tar), (.rar), (.7z), (.apk), and (.iso). Let us now learn how to open and manage these archive files on your Android smartphones and devices using two methods listed below.

Manage Archive Files Using File Managers

Using the file manager to manage archive files is one of the simplest ways of exploring the stored content in the archive files. Though you can find many file managers in the Google Play Store, not a lot of them support archive file opening and extracting procedure. I tried the Mi File Manager, which did the job perfectly. So, you should try this file manager if you don’t want to manage too much.

How To Manage Archive Files On Android Smartphones

Manage Archive Files Using Archive Tools

If you want more robust control over the archive files, then using the archive tools makes more sense over file managers. Many applications are available in the Google Play Store for this very purpose. These applications offer total control over the files allowing you to open, delete, extract, archive again, and much more. Here are the two best ones to get the work done right.

How To Manage Archive Files On Android Smartphones How To Manage Archive Files On Android Smartphones


Try the steps and tell us which method is better. Also, explore other applications for the same and share them with us if you find them useful. Lastly, dropdown your views, comments, or any feedback for further assistance, and we shall see you in the next one.

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