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Adobe Acrobat Adds New Features, Useful Tools for PDFs on Web: Here’s What Users Can Now Do

Adobe Acrobat has added multiple useful tools and features for PDFs on the web, including the ability to add passwords, merge multiple PDFs, and more. Earlier, these features were only available on the most-used PDF reader’s desktop app. Now, the features available in the Adobe Acrobat desktop app have come to its web version. These features and useful tools will allow users to add passwords to PDFs, split a single PDF into multiple files, and even merge multiple PDFs into a single file directly on the web. Further, users with an Acrobat subscription can also use specific PDF tools such as editing text and images.

According to the company’s blog post, new tools for Acrobat Web will let users tackle various PDF tasks within the browser itself. This will relieve users from installing the desktop software on their PCs. Adobe, in its blog post, said that actions like converting files into PDFs, compressing, or e-signing should be free and easy to do. It’s probably good news for most users who want to keep the number of software installed on their PCs at the minimum.

Adobe Acrobat Web New Tools, Features

Adobe Acrobat Adds New Features, Useful Tools for PDFs on Web: Here's What Users Can Now Do
Image courtesy: Adobe Blog

With the addition of new tools to Acrobat Web, users can password-protect their PDF, split a single PDF into multiple files, and merge multiple PDF files into a single, larger file. Apart from this, Adobe also allows users to reorder PDF pages, fill and sign forms online, compress PDFs, and edit, rotate, and delete PDF pages/files.

Further, the company has also added multiple new shortcuts that users can type into their web browsers to quickly access Acrobat features. Following are the shortcuts that Adobe has added to the Acrobat Web: PDF.new, Sign.new, ConvertPDF.new, CompressPDF.new, and WordtoPDF.new. Like the names suggest, these shortcuts allow users to quickly access features to do the task. Last year, Adobe had partnered with Google to test these Acrobat shortcuts for the ‘.new’ domain. The company said that these have received over 10 million clicks since then.

As said before, users can also use more specific PDF tools like text and image editing, redacting, or ORCing with the Acrobat subscription. Users with the subscription can use these tools on all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and Web.


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