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How to enable UPI Payments on WhatsApp

WhatsApp UPI Payments was rolled out in 2018, however, it was retracted following some government reasons. Cut to now, WhatsApp has announced the return of UPI Payments in India. Many users have already received the update. Others will have to wait for some time to get the feature update on their WhatsApp accounts. This will allow them to send or receive payments hereafter. 

WhatsApp Inc announced the UPI Payments just recently as a secure payment option. You need to create your Payments account on WhatsApp. Once you enable it, you can send or receive money directly through your bank.

Here’s how you can enable WhatsApp UPI Payments.

  • Firstly, go to the sender’s inbox on WhatsApp whom you want to transfer or receive money via UPI.

WhatsApp Payments

  • Tap on the ‘Attachments’ icon and select ‘Payments’ from the menu.

Register for UPI Payments

  • If it’s your first time trying out UPI on WhatsApp, you’ll need to establish a connection to your bank account.
    • You’ll need your phone number registered with your bank at bay. The app will send a message to confirm if the account is registered with the said phone number or not.

Register for UPI Payments 2

  • After enabling UPI payments, return to the inbox and click on ‘Attachments >> Payments”.
  • Under “New Payment”, elect “Pay” if you want to pay. Select “Request” if someone wants to transfer your money to you or you want to remind them.

WhatsApp UPI Payments

  • Enter the amount, add a note, enter the UPI PIN. If you don’t have a UPI PIN, you’ll need to set up, and remember it for other times.
  • Press “Send” or click on the “Right Tick” and the payment will go through.

WhatsApp UPI Payments is straightforward where you select the recipient, enter the amount, enter the PIN, and there you go. If other party hasn’t registered to the Payments yet, get a prompt. Select ‘Notify’ to get the notification once they sign up. 

As of now, the feature is available in Brazil and India. WhatsApp will soon enable it in the UK, Spain, and Mexico. Moreover, WhatsApp is also working on Payments in Europe but there’s not much information available about it.


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