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10 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac

To put it in layman’s terms an Emulator is essentially an Android Virtual Device that is specifically designed to represent any Android device on a computer system. Suppose you want to play a game or run a program, the small size of the android device and its limited specifications tend to pose a big hindrance. You would not be able to enjoy your game or check out the minute technicalities of the program. That is where an android emulator gets into the picture. The main usage of an Emulator is, as a platform to execute the Android application on a desktop system. The applicable usage of the emulator, however, can vary from user to user. Now that we know what an emulator is, let us get down to business and read along to find out the 10 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac that are available in the market today.

Best Android Emulators List For Windows PC And Mac

1. Bliss Emulator

Bliss Emulator
Image Courtesy: XDA Developers

The firm that delivers this emulator is a non-profit organization, which is why this emulator is available in an open-source domain. The Bliss emulator’s functioning is primarily within the grasp of an open-source OS that is based on Android. It also accompanies several types of customizations, themes, designs, and has various security features for its users. While working with Bliss Emulator a user can easily integrate their Android applications on their system’s desktop and have a smooth experience.

The execution of this emulator is simple and easy to use without any hassle. Out of all the versions of this emulator available, the most compatible Bliss variant is Bliss ROM. The new and advanced Bliss Emulator comes with Vulkan support which is provided in the advanced menu option. This helps in keeping the system’s CPU active even in a sleep state while the system’s activity drops down to zero.

OS: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS and Linux.

Price: Free of Cost


2. AMIDuOS Emulator

AMIDuOS Emulator

This US-based Emulator tends to provide an easy and effective form of integration between the Android and system devices. The full-screen functionality of the emulator is another major boon for its users. Suppose a user wishes to run or operate a particular software program in a particular domain, the simulator works so fine that it is next to impossible to identify any point of difference between using an Android mobile or computer system. On top of it, the AMIDuOS Emulator also allows its users to share files to and fro between the mobile device and the computer effectively. Just like its performance, the installation of this simulator is also very easy. The setup runs fast for any application from Gmail, play store, or Google plus.

OS: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS and Linux.

Price: Free of Cost


3. AndY Emulator

AndY Emulator

This emulator provides an easy line of connection between Windows/ MAC so as to store, launch, and push the notifications. A user with this emulator can download any software application from any desktop to the AndY operating system. Hence, it provides an easy link to bring in mobile applications straight to the desktop. It also keeps the user updated in regards to the latest Android upgrades. The storage capacity as provided by AndY to its users is huge and thus gives easy access to run any type of game on the Android platform hassle-free.

OS: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS.

Price: Free of Cost


4. Nox Player Emulator

Nox Player Emulator

This emulator is used far and wide by the gaming community all around the world. It is known for providing compliance with the GDPR. It caters well to the needs of the user and provides high-level security to the personal information of its user. This emulator is completely optimized and is very stable to use for both games and applications alike. Since the Nox Player emulator provides easy support to the gamepad and keyboard, users tend to have the same gaming experience as if playing on a system.

OS: Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, etc.

Price: Free of Cost


5. MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator

This emulator is often recognized as one of the fastest Android emulators when it comes to playing mobile games on your desktop. It offers a perfect blend of great user performance with several optimized graphic variants. A user can with the use of the MEmu emulator have multiple accounts simultaneously for a particular game. The process of installation of this emulator is also simple and straightforward. It even supports a mouse, keyboard, and keypad, which furthermore enhances the gaming experience of the user. This emulator has registered over 20 million users from approximately 200 countries.

OS: Android and Microsoft Windows.

Price: The basic version of this emulator comes free of cost while the premium edition is chargeable.


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6. Ko Player

 Ko Player

This emulator is powerful and sturdy enough to provide an effortless and lag-free gaming experience to its users. One can easily run any of the applications that are available on the Play Store using this emulator. It supports several devices such as a keyboard, gamepad, mouse, microphone, and camera which helps in enriching the user experience. Ko Player has a built-in video recording feature using which a user can record a video and then play it back in some later hour. The easy to download and install feature along with its zero compatibility issues with other applications have made the Ko Player emulator get its name on our list of 10 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac.

OS: Android, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows.

Price: Free of Cost


7. BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks Emulator - best android emulators

This emulator functions well when it comes to breaking the traditional barriers of limitations of the Android devices. It provides a smooth line of access to run several Android apps along with other high definition games on the user’s computer. It is considered one of the fastest mobile gaming platforms available today. BlueStacks Emulator has achieved this tag by providing an array of users experience-enhancing customizations. BlueStacks emulator offers support for Android N, that too with better graphic details and hence helps in saving the phone’s battery.

OS: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS.

Price: The basic version of this emulator comes free of cost, while the premium version costs $24 per month.


8. Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion Emulator - best android emulators

This simple to use and comprehend Android emulator helps the application developers to test their products in a secure virtual environment before launching them worldwide. There are several custom features that this emulator provides to its users. These include a capacity of emulating 3000 plus virtual Android device configurations such as screen size or other Android versions. Genymotion Emulator comes with a set of strong sensors, like GPS, and multi-touch. It is a multi-support Android emulator, mainly to share live demos and can even monitor performances across several devices.

OS: Android, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Price: $136 per year


9. Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio Emulator - best android emulators

This one is the Android’s official IDE developed and presented by the Android operating system of Google. It has certain extremely flexible features using which it can run the user’s applications quickly. Because of this emulator, a user can get their hands on advanced performances and also view their mobile applications on a system with a bigger screen. High definition games can be operated via this emulator with very low memory on the system. For an even more enhanced user experience, you can set the emulator window theme as per your choice. The high level of reliability and trust that Google brings with its brand name has made this emulator find its way in our list of 10 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac.

OS: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS.

Price: Free of Cost


10. Remix OS Player Emulator

Remix OS Player Emulator - best android emulators

This Android emulator works exclusively on the Windows system and offers a smooth and steady Android experience on the desktop. It provides a key mapping tool that lets the user enjoy their game more effectively using a mouse and a keyboard. A user can install this application by running the .exe file. Once the installation is complete you can simply run it on your desktop. Remix OS Player Emulator has marshmallow Android compatibility and provides a high definition gaming experience.

Os: Android and Microsoft Windows.

Price: Free of Cost


While devices running on Android OS are user friendly and portable, they have their shortcomings. These devices are not suited for long hour use. This is where computers surpass Android devices. But with our list of 10 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac, you can run your android device’s applications and games hassle-free on your computer system.


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