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Google to remove Google Pay web app & levy fee from January 2021

The new update on Google Pay brought a plethora of changes on-board including an upgraded logo. It has introduced some new functionalities while making a few compromises here and there. Turns out, Google Pay web app accessible at pay.google.com will no longer be available from early January. On top of that, Google Pay will charge a fee on instant transfers. 

The caveat behind the new update is, the old Google Pay app will go away in January 2021 as well. Apart from that, the web app of Google Pay with the ability to send & receive money will be removed as well. In fact, users have already started receiving notice when accessing the web app stating the removal in early 2021. Note that the Google Pay web app isn’t accessible for all regions such as India among others. 

Google pay web app
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It appears other functionalities including managing payment methods will stay intact. Thus, peer-to-peet payment feature is going and so is the original Google Pay app.

Google Pay will levy fee on instant transfers

Google Pay is a lucrative and popular choice when transferring  money or receiving it from a sender. Originally, it was free of charge no matter if you transfer money via your bank account or debit card. 

Cut to now, Google will levy a 1.5 free (and a  minimum of 31 cents) on all instant transfers. This is for payments made via a debit card that earlier didn’t had any transaction fee attached to it. Perhaps, there’s only an instant transfer option available when using a debit card. On the other hand, transfers from a linked bank account which usually takes between a day or three won’t levy any fee. 

Google is working with trusted financial institutions to introduce Plex, its mobile-first bank account integrated with Google Pay. 


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