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Google rolls out revamped Google Fit for Wear OS

Google Fit just received a huge revamp on its iOS, Android, and Wear OS applications. No doubt Google Fit has made our lives easier tracking our daily activities and showcasing historical data. We tried the revamped Google Fit for Wear OS and here are all the improvements that you must look out for.

The new Google Fit for Wear OS is a simple, easy to use, and intuitive interface with a complete design. The home screen allows you to track activities right away. Tap on its new “Flag” button and you can set your goals may it be Heart Points, Distance, or others. It also has Open Goal, Time, and Calories as goals that you can configure before commencing.

Once you start doing a selected activity, the interface shows a revamped stats screen. It is a three-liner interface where your set goal takes the middle section followed by supporting stats on the upper and lower part of the display. If your goal is Distance, the Google Fit for Wear OS will show the distance at the center followed by time and pace. A blue-hued notification ring gives you a quick look at the trends towards completing any set goal.

Google rolls out revamped Google Fit for Wear OS
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Swipe the screen to see other stats such as calories, BPM, Heart Points & so on. The new update has made finding information on the app much easier. It follows a much fluent tile user interface that makes the app look sophisticated, intuitive & dazzling. Google introduced a weather experience on Wear OS to selected users a few months ago. Cut to now, the Weather tile has found its way onto the app available on a wider scale.

There’s a ‘Breathe’ feature where you can set up the duration you want to do the breathing exercises. The app itself dictates you to inhale and exhale to get the best of results. It’s not just the app on Wear OS, its Android client has received a massive revamp as well. You also get the Touch Lock feature that prevents unwanted and accidental taps on the screen.

All the stats including Sleep Cycle, Distance, Steps, Heart Points, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and goals are updated in a tile-view on the home screen itself. Google has added support to a tonne of third-party apps and has promised to add a few more in the long run. That’s pretty much all that you must know about the latest update on Google Fit for Wear OS.


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