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Google Introduces Shopping Gift Guide for Users to Find Trending Products

Google has unveiled a new microsite called Google Shopping Gift Guide that lets users find perfect (specifically, trending and most-searched-for) gifts for their loved ones. The company has created a guide that lists 2020’s top 100 trending presents and lets you compare prices and find local buying options. You can find trending gift choices for all types of people on your list. 

The newly-launched Shopping gift guide comprises seven animated archetypes or product areas that users can go into when they first launch the website. These seven archetypes include the chef, the athlete, the techie, the decorator, the wellness guru, the gamer, and the kids. You can expand these sections and see a list of trending products linked to the respective category.

Google Introduces Shopping Gift Guide for Users to Find Trending Products
Image courtesy: Google Blog

“We’ve identified trending product categories over the past few months, and translated them into gift lists for the people in your life,” said Google in a blog post. Using the Search trends, Google has created a gift guide featuring top 100 products. When you open the guide, you’ll find seven beautifully animated product sections with additional text that gives insights into what people have shown interest in this year. Once you click a particular product area, say “the techies,” for instance, you’ll see top trending products, including the Apple Watch Series 6, iPhone 12, Pixel 5, and Asus GeForce RTX 3080. 

Apart from the product listing, the Google Shopping Gift Guide includes various features like price tracking with alerts, store hours, and even the option for in-store or curbside pickup. Note that a lot of these features are already available on Google Shopping, but in this guide, Google brings all of them together into one site while adding the ability to browse various categories. Also, the trend graphs provided in the new gift guide provide Google an edge over its shopping rival, Amazon. 

Note that the gift guide takes only US trends into account, and the search trends may vary from country to country. However, users can access the gift guide from anywhere in the world. If you’re interested and want to try out this gift guide, you can check it out here.


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