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Google Introduces 5 New Android Features For Safety and Wellbeing

Google has introduced five new features for Android phones for the safety and well-being of the users. The tech giant briefed through a tweet and shared a detailed article on the new features. Usually, we look for Android updates to get access to the new features, but just to inform you — Google can bring any number of features to all Android phones without any need to upgrade the core software. The company has brought these new features in the same manner where you don’t have to do any software upgrade. Now, more than 80% of Android users will be able to do five new things with their smartphones.

Google Introduces 5 New Android Features For Safety and Wellbeing

Five New Android Features

The five new features for Android released by Google are here as under:

1. Detect Earthquakes and Get Alerts in Advance

Track Earthquake With Android
Image credits: Google/YouTube

Yes, you read it right! Now your Android smartphone can detect earthquakes and will work as a seismograph in your pocket. It detects earthquakes with the Android Earthquake Alerts System, which Google boats to be the world’s largest earthquake detection network. This will work on the devices that run Android 5.0 and above.

To use this feature, all you have to do is type “earthquake near me” in the Google Android App and search.

2. Save Time During an Emergency

Stuck in an emergency? Here is where ELS, Emergency Location Services will help you. Thanks to Google’s emergency location services tool that is now available in 29 countries to more than 800 million users. With this, when you’re in an emergency, your phone will share your device language along with local emergency phone numbers. So even if you don’t know the local language, local emergency operators would already know which language you speak so that they arrange the translator quickly.

3. Sleep Better, No Interruptions

Digital Wellbeing, Sleep Better

Google has added a bedtime tab to its Google Clock app with which you can schedule your sleep time. You can monitor your sleep, track screen time, and also play soothing music during sleep. If you have the Digital Wellbeing app installed on your phone, you can directly schedule the sleep time within the app or turn on Bedtime mode.

Accessibility Features

4. Do More Things With Android Auto

Android Auto is now updated with new features, and thanks to the Android Auto calendar app that keeps track of your calendars right in your car. Without needing to look at your phone while driving, you can get a quick look at your schedule directly on your car display. In addition to this, you can also manage your preferences with the settings app on the car’s display itself.

5. Real World is More Accessible to Low Vision People

To help blind people or people with low vision, Google has brought new features to its Lookout app. This app uses computer vision technology to aid low-vision people doing things in the physical world easily. The new features help people scan long documents and convert them into a readable text format. Not just this, it can also recognize various food products from their labels.

This functionality is available on smartphones running Android 6.0 and above. 


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