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X-Cube 3D Stacking by Samsung Change the Way Chips are Manufactured

Samsung has introduced new 3D Stacking chip manufacturing technology, called X-Cube (or eXtended CUBE). This IC Packing technology will allow for smaller designs for nodes of the 7nm and 5nm EUV process.

Samsung X Cube 3D Packaging Technology for Chips
Older 2D technology

Samsung had started using its 5nm EUV technology to make chips a few months back but they have been working to improve their older technologies as well. Earlier today, Samsung announced that its new X-Cube 3D IC chip packing and manufacturing technology will offer faster speeds and better efficiency. Samsung Wafer Works – the company’s contract chip manufacturing division has completed the testing of chips using this new 3D X-Cube technology and it will now be available for manufacturing 5nm and 7nm chips.

Striking Features of X-Cube 3D Stacking

If you have heard about how chips or microcontrollers work, you’ll know that size does matter! In fact, smaller the overall size of the chip (and between the cores), better it is for efficiency and cost. Thus, Samsung’s X-Cube tech takes a step forward by stacking multiple components over one another. The 3D stacking allows for ultra-thin placement of multiple chips and component layers to create a dense semiconductor.

Samsung X Cube 3D Packaging Technology for Chips
New 3D X-Cube Stacking

How Does X-Cube Differ From Older Technologies?

Samsung’s new technology offers this amazing futuristic complex design capability due to the process it used for manufacturing. The TSV (through silicon via) technology can make vertical electrical connections between these layers, instead of using wires. A much more compact form factor is allowed due to this, compared to what was being used. Samsung claims that using this 3D X-Cube technology, designers can create customized designs as per their needs. The signal path between chips is reduced due to TSV technology, improving latency and efficiency.

Just announced today, the 3D Stacking technology can be expected to have a bright, long-lasting future. The future prospect of 3D layering suggests its use in 5G, AR, AI, HPC or High-Performance Computing, Cloud Services, and mobility. Samsung Foundry plans to showcase this technology during the Hot Chips 2020 Expo starting August 18, 2020. While Samsung is still improving its 5nm technology, it is said to also work on a 3nm process that could be seen sometime soon.


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