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BMW Finally Rolls Out Android Auto Update, But With Some Restrictions

As everything is becoming digital and smart, modern cars have also joined the race since the beginning. Android Auto is one such app developed by Google to enhance users’ driving experience. It mirrors features from your smartphone to the infotainment system of your car. Virtually every major auto manufacturer has incorporated it into their infotainment systems. However, BMW has always shied away from Android Auto and has supported Apple’s Carplay instead.

In 2017, the company had claimed that it had no plans to add Android Auto to its lineup. But now they seem to have changed their minds because last year in December they announced to roll out Android Auto in July 2020. It is now confirmed that BMW has finally rolled out the much-awaited Android Auto update in its cars. The feature is currently wireless only and it’s also not certain yet whether all the compatible cars have it or not.

BMW Android Auto Compatible Cars & Devices

BMW Finally Rolls Out Android Auto Update, But With Some Restrictions
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Since the feature is currently wireless only, it limits the compatibility to only a few devices. Only Google Pixel, Nexus, and some Samsung models are compatible with Android Auto in BMW. Apart from the compatibility of the devices, only certain BMW vehicles support this feature. The cars having iDrive 7 are currently eligible for the update. The compatible models are:

2019+ 3 Series with Live Cockpit Professional

2020+ 5 Series, and 7 Series

2020+ 7 Series

2019+ 8 Series

2020+ X3 with Live Cockpit Professional

2020+ X4 with Live Cockpit Professional

2019+ X5

2020+ X6

2019+ X7

2019+ Z4

If you are driving a model other than these, the feature is not available for you. Additionally, it is still found to be buggy.

Restrictions and Issues

AndroidPolice reports that every few minutes there is a stutter in the playback. There are also issues with the connection. The phone keeps disconnecting and it demands the user to reconnect manually. Also, while switching the songs it takes some extra time.


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