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How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 10 PC

Among the various modes of internet connectivity, WiFi networks are very popular when it comes to speed, bandwidth, feasibility, and ease of access. Our computers are usually connected to WiFi networks more than to LAN cables. While we log in to WiFi networks, many of us tend to forget the passwords. So, if you too have forgotten your WiFi password then this how-to guide on how to find the WiFi password on Windows 10 will show you a way to retrieve your forgotten password if you’re already connected to the WiFi network. To make it simple, let’s learn in a step-by-step guide.

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How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 10

To find the forgotten WiFi password on a Windows 10, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > WiFi Network > Wireless Properties > Security. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Open Control Panel

Firstly, open the control panel. To open the control panel on your PC, search for “Control Panel” in the search bar at the bottom-left corner of your display, or hit the Windows Key on your keyboard and then search for the control panel. Select and open the control panel.

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Alternatively, press Windows + X, or right-click the bottom-left corner of the display to open the Quick Access Menu, and then choose Control Panel from the list. You can also use Run by pressing Windows + R on your keyboard, type “control panel”, and then hit Enter.

Find WiFi Password on Windows 10 - Open Control Panel

2. Open Network and Internet

Click “Network and Internet” from the listed links.

Find WiFi Password on Windows 10 - Select Network and Internet

3. Open Network and Sharing Center

Now select “Network and Sharing Center” from the appeared options.

Select Network and Sharing Center

4. Select Wifi Network

From the available networks, select the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.

Select Connected WiFi

5. Open Wireless Properties

Now from the Wi-Fi Status window, select “Wireless Properties.”

Open Wireless Properties

6. Select Security Tab

Select the “Security” tab as shown, your Wi-Fi network security information containing the Wi-Fi password will appear. To see the password, tick the “Show Characters” option.

Find WiFi Password on Windows 10 - Select Security Tab

This way you can find your forgotten WiFi password on Windows. The same way is used to find the WiFi password on any Windows operating system.


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