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Chrome OS Review – What is Google’s Operating System and How Can it be Used

Google Chrome OS has been available for over 10 years now, but the open source system is still lagging behind Apple’s and Microsoft’s, which dominate the world of computer operating systems. Chrome OS, and the Chromebooks that are optimized to run this operating system, is being developed by Google and other tech giants, such as Lenovo, Asus and Dell. But what can Chromebooks be used for, and are machines that run less reputable Chrome systems worth getting?

Chromebook laptops have powerful hardware, but the biggest questions many have beyond the hardware relate to these system’s usability and support. To set up a Chromebook, all you need is a Gmail email address. After you’ve signed in, you can then customize the entire system. This system also features the Google Play Store, where you can download additional apps as needed. Chrome OS takes advantage of cloud-based systems and Google services, so it does not burden the hardware itself. As such, the speed of the system is impressive and one of it’s best features like this William Hill sportsbook review.

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Google Chrome OS is also a much more usable system for programs and applications than it may initially seem. Chrome OS, for example, fully meets all the requirements of students. The Google Office suite, which is available for free, includes all the sought after word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software that students use on a daily basis. For users that want it, the Microsoft Office suite is also available in the Play Store and is easy to install. As we reported previously, Chromebooks are getting on-device grammar check tools soon – a clear move that would appeal to students and other everyday laptop users.

Chromebooks also deliver outstanding leisure performance. Online streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO and even YouTube are all available and can be installed on Chrome OS. Folks who want to design visual pieces on Chrome OS may also be pleasantly surprised. Chromebooks run Adobe Lightroom Classic quite easily, meaning these laptops are able to run more complicated programs in addition to office software. Because it is built on powerful hardware, the lightweight operating system turns on and starts functioning in no time. The battery life of new Chromebooks exceeds 10 hours, making them great for not only work and multitasking, but also online streaming and other everyday functions.

Chrome OS laptops, thanks to their speed, are easy to use for hobbies and entertainment. For children, gaming websites Miniclip and Addicting Games load fast and function as expected. For older gamers, popular online esports such as League of Legends and Dota 2 are easy to play as long as players have a proper internet connection. Fans of other sports that can’t be played, but can be enjoyed online, like horse racing, will also find that the live streaming and live betting services of horse betting sites work as good as on any other system. Chrome OS-compatible Chrome browsers load updated betting odds and statistics in no time at all, making minute to minute sports action easy to follow.

Chrome OS laptops offer users powerful hardware and a fast, reliable, lightweight operating system. However, we still expect Microsoft and Apple to continue to dominate the PC operating system market for the foreseeable future. Regardless of this, Chrome OS continues to grow slowly in the shadows of these giants. Overall its portability, functionality and speed, means that Chromebook are becoming increasingly popular in education, but Chrome OS fans have yet to make a real impact in the tech world.


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