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Google Chromebooks is Getting an on-device Grammar Check Tool Soon

Getting proper grammar in an email or document or any written work isn’t something most people prioritize. Instead, they would rely on online grammar checking services like Grammarly to get the punctuations, sentence structure, and spellings in-line. But if you just walked out of a cave, Grammarly and similar services require an internet connection. They usually run the written work on their servers with algorithms in place to get the grammar corrected. Having an on-device grammar checker would have added a lot of credibility.

Google’s On-device Grammar Checker Tool

Apparently, Google is working on a similar tech with an on-device grammar checker tool rolling out for Chromebook users soon. The feature was spotted on Chrome Story on an internal design document for Chromebook. Of course, an internal document isn’t something users are able to see but someone actually dug the code snippet for the same on Chromium Gerrit.

Google Chromebooks On-device Grammar Checker Tool
Image via Chromium Gerrit

An on-device grammar checker tool means the service no longer has to take server assistance to get the grammar right. It would instead be a native feature available for all apps and programs and there’s no limiting objective here. However, we aren’t aware of how the feature would work and all other associated details. As pointed by Chrome Unboxed, it could be a Grammarly-like extension where it will scan through the document. The extension would suggest visual cues when it detects any sort of grammatical error.

What makes it a buzz is its native nature since users won’t need the internet nor connection to its server. The service will leverage Google’s AI and machine learning trained to detect grammatical errors in any sentence. Another benefit of an on-device service is privacy as nothing leaves the computer. It would make things faster than earlier and a few pros here and there. No doubt the service will have to work out to recognize the syntax and language used to get a better understanding.

The feature is yet under development and hasn’t arrived on the Canary channel yet. Google tests its features and updates on Canary before rolling it out to the general public.


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