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Valorant Act 3: All That You Need to Know

Each Episode in Valorant comes in the form of three separate Acts. Each Act is an expansion to Valorant’s content and world. Valorant Act 3 is going to be the final Act in Episode 1 of the popular tactical shooter. With each Act, we see the game build upon the last with fresh updates, skins, characters and a brand new Battle Pass. 

From the fifth map for the game to a new character, Riot Games plans to wrap up Episode 1 on a high. As we gear up for Act 3 to debut on October 13th, here are the freshest additions to the game which are on the way.

Everything that we know about Valorant Act 3

The biggest addition to the game as part of Valorant Act 3 is the fresh new map ‘Icebox’. As the name suggests, the map will feature an icy terrain for players to battle around. Like Act 2 brought the 13th Valorant Agent to the game, Act 3’s next major addition comes in the form of Valorant’s 14th Agent. 

Named Skye, the character was revealed yesterday on Valorant’s official channels. First impressions suggest the character to be a support-type, but it has the versatility to play any role on the map. Finally, like every previous Act, Valorant Act 3 comes with a complete Battle Pass that players can complete. 

The Battle Pass will cost players 1000 Valorant Points to buy the premium track. It provides the players access to three fresh skins in the game: Ruin, Jade and Surge. Like every game with a Battle Pass system, the premium track has additional rewards for your investment. These rewards include Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Sprays, Player Titles as well as Radianite Points. However, players can still complete just the free Battle Pass and receive their non-premium rewards. 


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