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8 Best Screen Sharing Software – Top Recommended

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in employees working from home. This yanked up the need to have a video conferencing and collaboration platform. We have come across numerous software with screen sharing capabilities and a series of other features. As sharing screens has become a way of life and is not limited to work but leisure, schooling, and other parts of life, we did a bit of research. We found 8 best screen sharing software on both Windows & macOS.

8 Best Screen Sharing Software

1. TeamViewer 11

TeamViewer - Screen Sharing Software
Image via TeamViewer.com

Price: Free | Business at 49.00/mo | Premium at $99.00/mo | Corporate at $199.00/mo 

OS: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

TeamViewer is one of the most successful screen sharing software compatible with macOS and Windows. TeamViewer has great solutions when sharing a screen either the whole desktop or software in particular. The app grants access to one’s computer via remote access including audio feed. It’s meeting feature can be used across 500 devices with a paid version, although anything above that isn’t available. It has a whiteboard, chat, and file-sharing capability. TeamViewer is a to-go software when it comes to screen sharing software without any second thought. Users can either, let others access their systems or they can access other systems remotely. It is a true all-arounder of screen sharing too, do have a look at it. 

Download: Windows | Mac

2. AnyDesk

AnyDesk - Screen Sharing Software
Image via AnyDesk.com

Price: Free | Lite at $10.99/mo, Professional at $20.99/mo, and Power $52.99/mo (plus VAT)

OS: Windows, macOS

With more than 250M+ downloads, AnyDesk is a reputed screen sharing software with a tonne of features. Collaborate with others over a meeting, show your presentations, or share the documents in real-time with AnyDesk. It has a built-in file transfer that lets you share files. The best thing about this software is its lightweight and thus, it would not crash your system no matter what. Record sessions by remotely accessing or giving access to your system with unparalleled security and performance. The software offers low latency, frame rates up to 60fps, and fast data transmissions so that your meetings are in real-time. An on-screen whiteboard is available in case you want to use it. Finally, the app is cross-platform, and it is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and other OSes. 

Download: Windows | Mac

3. Zoom

Zoom - Screen Sharing Software
Image via Zoom.us

Price: Free | Pro at $149.9/year, Small & Med at $199.90, and Enterprise at $199.90

OS: Windows, Mac

Zoom is indispensable when it comes to video calls, meetings, screen sharing, and other solutions. It is free to use with an unlimited number of meetings. The software has no time limit on one-to-one meetings. On the flip side, having 3-100 users puts in a 40-minute time limit though you can upgrade for a longer time limit. Collaborate with others with its unparalleled usability and meeting security. Join anywhere with any device as it is cross-platform and multi-platform. Zoom offers HD video, audio with up to 1000 video participants. It has great collaborative tools, calendaring, and excellent screen-sharing functionalities on the go. It has multiple solutions for rooms and workspaces, meetings & chat, phone systems, video webinars, and more.

Download: Zoom

4. Join.me

Image Via Join.me

Price: Lite at $10, Pro at $20, & Business at $30

OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web

Join.me is a ready-to-use on web and software solution for video conferencing and screen sharing. It has some of the most mature and advanced features compared to other software mentioned here. The software has excellent video and audio conferencing tools. It has some of the best whiteboarding capabilities unmatched by others. Users can switch between presenter (host) and viewer with just a click. There’s screen region sharing functionality that allows participants to share screens on the go. Join.me lets users try a variety of annotation tools including a laser pointer, highlighter, and more. It integrates with Zapier which makes scheduling meetings a fun and easy task. It also integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook for added benefits. 

Download: Join.me

5. Slack

Slack - Screen Sharing Software
Image via Slack.com

Price: Free | Standard at $2.67/mo, Plus $5/mo, and Enterprise Grid (Contact Support)

OS: Windows, macOS

Slack is one of the best collaboration tools in the world. It has all the features one would need to keep a team of hundreds of members on the same page. It has both chat and calls features. Moreover, it also doubles up as a great screen sharing software allowing annotation and shares with users. Although one member can share their screen at a time, it has great functionalities expanding over 2200+ apps via integration. All the data is secured and encrypted. All the sessions are saved in archives that you can access later. It is available across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, although the functionalities for the last three are a bit restrained. Create channels, use its workflow builder, search messages and documents, and more with Slack. It is an all-arounder solution for managing a team.

Download: Windows | Mac

6. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings
Image via Webex.com

Price: Free | Starter at $13.5/per host/mo | Plus at $17.95/per host/mo | Business at $26.95/per host/mo | Enteprise (Contact Support)

OS: Windows, Android, iOS

Cisco is a well-known IT solution company that has one of the best lineups of tools to use. It’s Cisco Webex Meetings lets users enjoy its free plan with 100 participants in a meeting with HD video, personal room. It also includes screen sharing and limits meeting duration to 40 minutes. Get stunning audio and video quality on-board with secure meetings anywhere at any time. Share your screen or desktop or transfer files during a video conference. Need a whiteboard, Webex Meetings has your back. As it has cross-device compatibility, you can use literally desktop, mobile, laptop, or any video system to connect. Extend its functionality with Webex Teams. 

Download: Cisco Webex Meetings

7. GoToMeeting

Image Via GoToMeeting.com

Price: Starts at $12/organizer/month to $16/mo (Business) and Enterprise (Contact Support)

OS: Windows, macOS

GoToMeeting is a feature-rich collaborative communications platform that can handle up to 3000 units. Want others to see your screen? It doubles as a screen sharing software as well. It is secured with SAML SSO login that restricts any unauthorized users such as raiding. It has Office 365 integration that adds the flair to meetings. The app is also integrated with Google Calendar so that you can stay updated with upcoming meetings. The software offers a free trial, although you would need to sign up for its paid plans to go further. GoToMeeting has several features including HD Video and audio, dial-in conference line, no meeting time limits, and so on. You can hold an unlimited number of meetings on its paid plans, unlimited cloud recording.

Download: GoToMeeting

8. Skype

Image via Skype.com

Price: Free for Skype Users | For others, start at $2.99/mo and above

OS: Windows, macOS

You must know about Skype, there’s no rocket science here. It is one of the earliest and probably the best audio and video calling software. It has some screen sharing skills as well. Apparently, Skype has added a few rich video conferencing tools under its belt including sharing presentations and screens alike. It also has a whiteboard sharing capacity that lets you annotate with highlighters, pens, and whatnot. It is great for PowerPoint users as Skype has a deep integration with Office 365. Skype is cross-platform and has apps, software, and a web client so that people can join in without any constraint. You can also chat with others, send them SMS on their phones, and more on Skype.

Download: Skype

There you have it. Of course, we didn’t include all screen sharing software but these 8 are among the best. You can choose any one or more of them depending upon your requirements. Alternatives that you can try are Discord, VNC Connect, UltraViewer, Whereby, and so on. Let us know which one you found amusing and worthy of use. 

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