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10 Best FREE Video Editor apps for Android

Cameras mounted on smartphones can do a lot of stuff nowadays than what you can imagine a few years ago. A smartphone can capture a full-feature length movie and no one would do. But hey, it is not just the cameras but video editors on smartphones that play a major role in transforming pieces of videos together. It could be anything from clipping unwanted parts to include a ginormous intro or a collection of videos stitched together as well. All this is possible because of video editing apps and when it comes to Android, there are a plethora of options to choose from. 

Your Android smartphone comes with both free and paid video editors. In fact, there are so many choices that you will be confused but that’s why we are here. Apparently, we dig into the various video editor apps available on the Play Store to find out the 10 best FREE Video Editor apps available. Here’s the list arranged in descending order of its popularity on the Google Play Store.

10 Best FREE Video Editor apps for Android

1. InShot


Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app purchases | $2.99/mo, $9.99/year and $29.99 Lifetime

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

Inshot is a professional video editor app available on Android devices that helps capture the precious moments in a well-polished video. It has all the features you would need in a video editor including multiple audio and video channels, trimming and cutting videos, and merging pieces into one. You can add music, adjust the effects it follows, add a voiceover with Inshot. The app also offers a tonne of video transition effects and filters to toggle and get the best of the scene possible. You can export in HD quality in various formats and ratios suitable for respective platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

Download: InShot

2. InVideo

Video creation and editing are some of the trendy norms in today’s digital generation. All thanks to the evolution of social media platforms, giving every creator inside a person the rise they have always wanted. As social media applications are free to use, many creators are rising from scratch to showcase their talents and skills. So begins the search for the best video editor for free, or best video editor for beginners, etc. To help the search, InVideo is the one-stop solution to all your digital content creation needs. Let us explore more about this online-based video creator and editor software.

InVideo is an online-based video creator and editor based in San Francisco, California that provides the users with different sets of templates, stickers, overlays, filters, media libraries, and much more to help them create videos from scratch or help them edit their own set of clips. What makes InVideo even more unique is that it is recognized as the number one online-based video editing tool by G2 Crowd. Ready to try it, then scroll down for more details regarding the compatibility, support, and cost.

  • OS Compatibility: Microsoft Windows, Google ChromeOS, and Apple macOS.
  • Input Format Compatibility: MPEG-2 I-Frame SD, DVCAM, DVCPRO 25, AVCHD (M2T, M2TS, MPEG4, H.264), etc.
    Output Format Compatibility: Web-compatible file (MPEG4/H.264), WebM, Blu-ray, etc.
  • Cost: Free (trial version), Paid ($180 to $360/Annum)

Click to visit the website.

To summarize in brief, here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether it is worth your try or not.


  1. A robust and diverse media library consisting of over 4000+ elements and items that is available for daily video creation.
  2. An intelligent video assistant (IVA) support recommends corrections or suggestions based on the content you are making.
  3. The free version serves enough features to fulfil all the basic to mediocre needs for your video.


  1. It is an online-based tool, so an active and stable internet connection is always required.

3. KineMaster


Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app Purchases | Pro at $4.99/mo

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

KineMaster is a literal master when it comes to video editing with powerful tools on-board. The app lets you trim, merge, cut, and crop videos. Controlling video speed, adding slow motion or time-lapse effect is one of the many best features. Perhaps, KineMaster is well known for exporting videos at 4K 21|60p resolution. Though you get a watermark on its free version, the app is pretty packed with features including voice changers, adding voice-overs and music, EQ presets, and others. 

Check out its keyframe animation which is a powerful tool for animating in your videos all you want and on your smartphone. Unlike many other video editors for Android, you get a free trial, the free version is feature-limited. You will have to subscribe to its premium plans to keep using it. 

Download: KineMaster

4. PowerDirector


Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app purchases | Pro at $5.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

PowerDirector from Cyberlink Corp is among the best video editors available on Android. If done right, you can export high-quality videos that are no match for any other editor out there. It has features like keyframe controls, animated titles, voice changer, chrome-key editing with green screen, and more. Check out its array of blending-modes and overlays and you will be stunned. It has precise editing tools that include splicing, trimming, rotating, adjusting the color, multi-timeline controls, PiP overlays, tonnes of templates. Apparently, the list goes on. 

As with any other video editor apps for Android that you would find, PowerDirector has a premium tier. It unlocks exclusive content, an ad-free interface, stock media, and plenty of professional editing features to name a few. 

Download: PowerDirector

5. VideoShow 


Price: Free | Offers In-App Purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

If you are really good at vlogging and want an app to edit those videos for you, VideoShow can be your pick. It is a professional video editing app for Android devices that offers HD export with no quality loss. It is easier for beginners to use and offers credibility to it. The app has special lenses to add, hundreds of royalty-free music to add, filters, and video styles to name a few features. 

It has tools such as blur, reverse, trim, merge, zoom in and out, splice among others. VideoShow has video dubbing wherein you can add voice overs and sound effects too. It has a Materials Center where you’ll get endless sound effects, FX, images, filters, effects, and more. 

Download: VideoShow

6. Quik


Price: Free 

OS: Android

Popularity: 100M+ Downloads

If you have eyes on something that is frill-free, Quik is the ultimate pick. The app has multiple video styles according to which it creates short videos when you add photos and video clips in the app. It is compatible with all GoPro devices as well as Google Photos, your gallery, cloud storage, and so on. You can easily reorder the files, rotate or trim and do overlays and more with the input and let the app take care of the rest.

It may be lacking advanced video editing chops but it is a frill-free, easy to use video editor that is available free of cost. There are no hidden charges as well.

Download: Quik

7. FilmoraGo


Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app purchases | Pro at $7.99

OS: Android

Popularity: 50M+ Downloads

FIlmoraGo from Wondershare isn’t that ordinary video editor app you have heard of but rather a powerful one. It is a full-featured video editor with powerful tools including cutting, trimming, cropping and merging of pieces of videos. The app allows exporting videos in HD quality where users can actually select the aspect ratio and resolution as well. It has plenty of built-in royalty-free music that you can use.

With FilmoraGo, you get audio and video speed and enhancement functionalities as well. You can add text, customize the font style, add emoji and stickers, create memes, and more. Its premium tier relieves you from any ads and unblocks all the features that were under the paywall on FilmoraGo.

Download: FilmoraGo

8. Magisto


Price: Free | Offers In-app purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 50M+ Downloads

If you are new to video editing and want to make something interesting, Magisto can be of great help. The app uses artificial intelligence to select the best fragments, add effects, graphics, and filters to create the best of shots. Magisto lets you combine several videos in one, music from its licensed song library, choose the style of videos, and more. The app has proven its caliber and no doubt it has because it has already charted more than 50 million downloads. 

Customize the video further adding colors, fonts, texts, stickers, and so on. The premium tier unlocks no watermark videos, exclusive templates, styles, HD video clips, fonts & and more. 

Download: Magisto

9. Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video Editor

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Offers In-app purchases 

OS: Android

Popularity: 10M+ Downloads

If it’s all about short videos for YouTube or any social media handy, Funimate Video Editor is the perfect tool. The video editor transforms usual bland videos into a piece of art with more than 100 advanced video effects to choose from. Funimate Video Editor is not that powerful but it is worth a shot if you want something which is fuzz-free, simple, & gets your attention on social media. 

Its list of features is extensive that includes video masking, AI effects, intro and outro effects, keyframes among others. Add music, chop down videos or merge several of them and son. Participate in the Funimate video editing community to showcase your skills and to learn more cool stuff you can do. 

Download: Funimate Video Editor

10. Alive Movie Maker

Alive Movie Maker

Price: Free

OS: Android

Popularity: 5M+ Downloads

Another short video maker, you will be stunned just how good the Alive Movie Maker is once you use it. The app gives you motion track animation effects which is something you won’t find on most video editing apps. Check out the free timeline editing feature, add effects motion tracked with ease, add music, and more on Alive. 

Alive is a great way to edit videos for Instagram and it can handle YouTube videos too. I have a community of videographers that you can check out and learn. With all the intuitive editing tools at your disposal, you would be unstoppable with Alive. 

Download: Alive Movie Maker

11. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free | Offers In-app purchases

OS: Android

Popularity: 1M+ Downloads

One of the two Adobe video editors available on Android devices, Adobe Premiere Rush does bring a lot to the table. It is an all-in-one video editor that brings pro-quality video editing chops such as trim, flip, add, splice, and more. It has a drag and drop interface along with a multitrack timeline so that everything is neatly arranged. Get your hands on a tonne of royalty-free music with Premiere Rush. 

There are many features that make it potentially one of the best including cloud syncing, speed adjustments, color presets, automatic reframe to name a few. Subscribing to its premium plan unlocks any advanced features such as auto-ducking, a library of overlays, titles, and animated graphics, and so on. 

Download: Adobe Premiere Rush

And with that, we conclude this listicle for the 10 best FREE video editor apps for Android that you must have a look at. Do let us know which one actually made it to your smartphone and which one disappointed you.

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