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YouTube Music Adds a Playlist Button in Android Auto and Lets Free Users Play Uploaded Songs

Google is working continuously to add key functionalities to YouTube Music after the company announced the shutdown of its popular music app — the Google Play Music. The technology giant has reportedly added a playlist button to the YouTube Music app for Android Auto and now lets users play uploaded tracks. Many users took to Reddit to announce the news of the addition of this new functionality.

Earlier, the YouTube Music in Android Auto required a paid Premium membership to access. Previously, this functionality was not available for free users. Now, it lets free users access and play uploaded songs on Android Auto.

Use Google Assistant to Play Songs From Playlist

Since this glaring feature was previously not available for free users, now your library will appear in the YouTube Music app for Android Auto. Users can access this feature and play tracks using Google Assistant voice commands too. For example, to access the feature, you can speak the voice command, “Okay Google, play my <playlist name> playlist on YouTube Music.” You can also specify the name of a song in the Assistant voice command.

As per a Reddit post by a user named Denziley, the Android Auto app now displays a button for user playlists. Similarly, another user by the name Stoney2333 spotted that free tier users can now play their own uploaded songs on Android Auto. Other users in the thread also wrote what voice commands work to make use of this feature.

Though this addition may seem small, but it was something that free users will surely love. Because the free tier is very poor as compared to other alternatives, the addition of this feature was a much-needed step. YouTube Music has already rolled out the feature to a wider audience on both car head units and the Android Auto app on smartphones.


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