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Your Guide To Watching 4k TV

A new way to watch TV erupted on the market about 20 years ago. This format was high-definition television or HD, and it’s been popular ever since. With the enhanced way to watch TV, it led to larger television options and better accessories, such as DVD players and game systems. There hasn’t really been a major update since the launch of HD regarding how people watch their favorite shows and movies. One change did come about a few years ago with 3D TV, but it lost its popularity rather quickly.

One of the options that are now available that seems as though it’s going to stick around is 4K. The first televisions to offer this format were seen on the market in 2012. The last few years have seen an uptick in the production and sales of 4K TVs as more people have discovered the exceptional quality of what they can see.

The General Idea
When it comes to 4K, you’re getting quite the increase in the resolution of a TV. It’s sometimes considered ultra-HD because it has four times the number of pixels, resulting in brilliant colors and details.

Ways to Watch
There are a few things that you might need in order to watch 4K. With more TVs being produced in this format and the craze for the new setup gone, the price of this type of TV has started to decrease in many stores and online. Many providers are offering 4K services, which means that you can watch many of your favorite movies and shows without getting a lot of extra equipment as long as your provider has the technology available. There are also several streaming services that are offering this format for those who want to view content online.

The TV
One of the first things that you’re going to need to do is upgrade the TV that you have to a 4K version. Sony, Samsung, and other companies are now bought into the production of these televisions, which has helped to lower the price of them as well. You could also see an increase in the overall size of your TV as you’ll likely notice a few differences on a smaller screen compared to 4K on a larger one. Most TVs that are in 4K format are between 43″ and 80″.

When you’ve purchased the TV for 4K, you need to choose a service that offers the content. Common providers that offer 4K include Dish, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. Spectrum and Cox are among the providers who don’t offer 4K.

You could have to upgrade the equipment that you have before you can watch 4K content. Most providers that offer 4K will be able to provide the equipment that you need so that you don’t have to go to a store to buy it, but you’ll probably still need to pay a fee. Some apps allow you to watch 4K on your phone, but you would need to contact your provider to ensure that your device is compatible with the format.

If you aren’t’ connected to cable, then you might have to upgrade your internet connection so that you can use streaming services in the 4K format. A faster internet connection is usually recommended so that there’s not a lot of buffering or lag while you’re watching shows and movies.


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