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Choosing Internet Service When Moving to a New Apartment

For many new apartment dwellers, the list of things to get done is fairly lengthy and often includes getting connected to the internet again. If you’re unable to transfer service from an existing internet provider or source, you’ll need to make some decisions as you determine what kind of internet service you prefer or need. Here are some tips to keep in that can make the process of choosing internet service when moving to a new apartment much easier and more beneficial for you.

Consider the Types of Internet Available

Start by considering what types of internet options are available in your area as far as connection options go. The main ones are:

• Cable internet
• Digital subscriber line (DSL)
• Fiber-optic internet or “fiber”
• Satellite internet

Cable Internet

Cable internet comes into your apartment via a cable cord, although WiFi connections provide plenty of freedom with movement and location. While the top speed with cable is 1000 Mbps, there are lower speeds that can be just as beneficial and a bit more affordable.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

This is internet that comes into your apartment through a phone line. It’s not all that speedy, with top speeds averaging around 100 Mbps. It can still be suitable if you only have basic connection needs.


Fiber optic internet gives you impressive speeds that can be around 1000 Mbps. It costs more, but it can be worth it if you have more extensive internet needs. However, not all areas have the fiber optic structure in place needed for this option.


Communication satellites orbiting the planet “power” this type of internet. It tends to be on the slow side and more of a budget stretch. In rural or remote areas, however, satellite internet may be the only option available.

Determine Your Internet-Related Needs

Next, get a ballpark idea of what kind of internet speed you’ll likely need for your internet-related needs. You might, for example, only browse casually and stream a few things here and there that interest you. In this instance, something around 25-30 Mbps could work fine for you. But if you’ll be working from home, taking classes online, streaming regularly, and doing other things online, you’ll benefit more from speeds around the 100 Mbps range. On the higher end of things, if you’re an avid gamer and you do a lot of posting to social media and an assortment of other online tasks, consider speeds around 1000 Mbps.

Ask Your New Neighbors for Advice

It shouldn’t be too hard to find neighbors in your new apartment or near it who regularly use the internet. Take some time to ask around and see what other people already living in your new neighborhood are already using.

Compare and Choose

Now, it’s time to compare service options available in your area so you can make a well-informed decision. Some forms or internet, like cable and DSL, include bundled options. This can be cost-effective if you’ll also need, for instance, cable TV and phone service. Look at any contract requirements, too, especially if you have concerns about committing to one provider for a year or more. On the flip side of things with contracts, some top providers like AT&T, Google, and Comcast (Xfinity) have no-contract plans. As you continue to compare and further narrow down your options, it’s also a good idea to consider:

• Any data limits that may apply
• Quality of customer service – either based on your initial interactions and impressions or reviews posted online
• Pricing – including whether or not the initial per month price listed is temporary*
• Security features

*If a deal or price for a internet plan is temporary, find out what the full price will be once the initial period expires.

Lastly, ask about anything else relevant to you before you make a final decision. If, for example, you already have your own modem, ask if you can use that instead of the one you would have to rent. Your diligence with internet selection can ultimately be rewarded with some much-appreciated savings and service that meets your needs and expectations in your new digs.


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