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Xiaomi and POCO Users Face Random Bootloop Issue

Several Xiaomi and POCO users face random bootloop after installing the newly released MIUI 12 resulting in indefinite reboots.

The affected users have reported that their device shows a “Find device closed unexpectedly” error. And after this error shows up, the smartphone reboots continuously for indefinite times. The reboot range varies from smartphone to smartphone.

Xiaomi and POCO Users Faces Random Bootloop
Image Courtesy: Xiaomi

As per the reports, the issue is not related to hardware. It is most likely caused due to Airtel’s Thanks app and MIUI’s Find My Device settings.

However, on November 14, Airtel’s CIO Harmeen Mehta confirmed that the Airtel Thanks app is the primary source of these bootloops. She has also confirmed in her tweet that Airtel is working with Xiaomi to fix this bug in numerous devices.

In the meantime, they have issued a small tweak as a temporary fix for the issue.

As of now, temporary fixes that worked for some users are uninstalling the Airtel Thanks app, disabling the “Ultra Battery Saver” mode in phone settings, disabling the “Find My Device” service, and simply removing the SIM card.

The smartphones facing the bootloop issue are Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, and POCO M2 Pro

Moreover, the permanent fix for the issue will arrive earlier next week. Even if still users face the bug, they are required to visit the closest service center to resolve the issue.


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