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Why Should You Choose Android Over Other Operating Systems?

Advantages of the Android Operating System

India stands only behind China, with over 600 million Internet users in 2022. That metric is expected to grow even more in the coming years, considering India’s number of smartphone users. Most of these individuals are android users, because of the flexibility it offers to everyone.

Before examining what benefits you stand to get from choosing the Android operating system, it is essential to provide a background on what it is.

For a Beginner – What is an Android OS?

The Android OS is a Linux-based operating system that predominantly runs on smartphones and tablets. The platform is engineered by the Linux Kernel, using end-user applications and a GUI. It is available for every mobile device user who wants to browse the internet for information about businesses, the latest news, and updates on your favorite sports.

Advantages of the Android Operating System

If several operating systems exist, you must know why you should settle for one. Some of the top reasons why you should choose the Android operating system include:

  • Customizable UI

Android’s user interface (UI) is as flexible and customizable as possible compared to other operating systems. Google has packed Android with various customizable widgets, making it easy for you to surf websites and navigate through mobile apps. These can be used anywhere in the UI, and they offer updates to various services like email, messages, and many more.

  • Very Affordable

The Android OS is very affordable, and many customers love to buy Android-powered phones because of the low price. Most iOS and Windows phones are relatively more expensive compared to android phones.

  • Open Ecosystem

Android possesses numerous app stores like Google Play provided by the Google Company. It comes as standard on almost every Android smartphone and tablet for users to find and download new applications.

Android allows its users to install applications from the third-party app store, unlike other operating systems. Although this comes with risks, you have the freedom of choice.

  • Open Source

Android is open source because its operating system allows developers and hardware manufacturers to update its core software. This enables various companies to effect changes that can benefit them in specific industries. As a professional bettor in India who loves to play blackjack or a business person who wants to set up an online profile, this flexibility will help you because you need to switch between website tabs and mobile applications.

  • Rapid Innovations

The Android platform has a good history of supporting the latest innovative ideas. Most Indian Android OS programmers have garnered worldwide acknowledgment of their knowledge and skills. When these developers make innovations, they are always first on the android operating system.

  • Affordable Development

Besides being affordable to purchase, you can easily get your app out in the android market at reasonable fees. The application environments are usually free, and you can save money when creating one or multiple applications.


The Android operating system clearly shows more advantages than other available operating systems. It is the most widely used operating system globally and is set to get more users every year. If you are into casino or sports betting in India, the Android operating system will work best for you as it is compatible with many betting sites like Parimatch. The Android Play Store also has the Parimatch mobile app that you can download and access a variety of esports to play while on the go.


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