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What Are Some Good Data Science Projects

Data science is a vast field and it brings a wide range of tools, processes, algorithms, and knowledge extraction systems. It gives you a wing to analyze and modify the raw data to structured data patterns. Data science has been a booming sector for the last few years and it is pushing you to the Artificial Intelligence domain. As it is helping in various innovations, the data science domain has reached the next level. As the industry realizes the importance and power of data science, this domain is gaining more opportunities to surface in the market.

If you are planning to take up the course in data science or Artificial Intelligence, there are various online and offline places where you can learn from basics to specializations in data science. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai have various offline centers and universities that are offering specialization courses in data science with certification from top universities and they also offer placement assistance for students. Apart from top universities, various educational centers are offering Data science courses in Mumbai with placement assistance. For other cities and other locations, they can choose to have online classes. These online classes also offer valid certifications, online assistance, placement assistance.

With the continuous growth of data science, it has become a promising career path for many people. Many ambitious professionals are changing their careers to the data science domain. It is one of the most exciting options for everyone. More opportunities are emerging in the market and the industry, recognizing the value of data science. If you want to become a data scientist, learn more about the technology. Develop your abilities to understand and manage the upcoming situations and difficulties. Understanding the theoretical subjects can give you knowledge about the subjects, but the real-time projects will give you experience with knowledge about the subject. So it is always recommended to participate in live projects which enhance your confidence and technical experience. More than everything, your live project experience will help you to land a solid job. So choosing the right project is always important and project ideas need to be appropriate for different levels of learners.

Understanding what the industry requires is important while choosing the live project. It can be quite confusing at the beginning, but with constant practice, you can soon begin to understand the industry requirement. You can come up with various ideas to make your project by using various tools and languages like Python and R. Make sure your project idea will help you to land up in your dream job and it is based on your data science career. Here we have listed out some of the famous data science project ideas with source codes

Fake news detection

Fake news is one of the common problems of this new internet era. We are in such a stage, it is difficult to identify which is real news and fake news. It is easy getting spread through unauthorized sources, which is eventually creating issues for the targeted person. Through Python, we can create a data science project, where we can combat the spread of fake news. It is crucial to determine the legitimacy of the information. You can create the model using TfidfVectorizer.We can distinguish between real and fake news by implementing PassiveAggressiveClassifier.

  • Data set – News.csv
  • Python packages – NumPy, sci-kit-learn, Pandas.

Forest Fire Prediction

One of the major issues which global warming is facing is forest fires. Even though technology has progressed far, we are unable to predict wildfires and forest fires. The loss is not only for humans, it is also a danger for wild animals. Every year we are witnessing the massive wildfire in some parts of the globe and every wildfire incident causes a huge amount of damage to nature, wildlife habitat, and human property. Developing a project for the identification of forest fire systems exhibits your skill set in data science. You can use k-means clustering to identify major fire hotspots and their severity, behavior of the wildfire.

  • Data set: meteorological data or climatological data.

Finance fraud detection

Banking fraud, credit card fraud, and internet banking frauds are more common than you think these days. These frauds are increasing day by day. With the high usage of internet banking, credit card, and digital transactions, the number of these frauds has increased dramatically lately. Thanks to the innovations, with the help of artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and data science, financial companies can detect these frauds successfully with accuracy. By using Python, you create a project which is related to this kind of fraud.

  • Language: Python or R
  • Dataset: Database on banking transactions.

Recommender Systems( Online channels)

This is one of the cool projects for you to consider as a project. Have you ever thought about how these online channels like youtube, Netflix, Prime videos, or any other online channels show you the recommendation to watch? Based on your previous watchlist, these channels list down some of the videos as a recommendation. Well, you can create this cool tool by using the R language called recommender/recommendation system. Before you create this cool system, you need to consider several metrics like age, genre, watching frequency and feed them into a Machine learning model, and then generate what the user might like to watch next. You can create content-based recommendation systems or a  collaborative filtering recommendation system.

  • Language – R
  • Dataset: MovieLens
  • Packages: recommenderlab, ggplot2, data.table, reshape2

We will also recommend some of the other cool project ideas to build such as

  • Coronavirus visualisations
  • Visualizing climate change
  • Web traffic forecasting using time series
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Speech Emotions
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Developing Chatbots
  • Diabetic Retinopathy.

We tried covering fun and interesting data science project ideas for you. You can source codes from Github for your projects. These projects will help you to understand the technology better and industry requirements. Being one of the hottest and most demanding domains in the industry, data science holds a bright future for every aspirant. To make the most out of it, use better opportunities, be prepared to take on a challenge. Attend networking events and start interacting with industry people to get more ideas. Use more data science toolbox, create your data science solutions, follow the steps from beginner to advanced. All the Best.


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