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Top 5 Best Review Sites in 2022

In 2022, it is critical that every business knows the significance of an online review, whether large or small. As the name suggests, a review site reviews goods, products, and services used majorly by consumers.

Customers care about reviews since they can use them to purchase a commodity or utilize a service. For that reason, businesses must establish an online presence, cover their bases, and grow positive online reviews to grow as a brand. The key to doing so is magnifying the positive testimonials, addressing criticism, and boosting customer brand confidence online.

There are many review sites on the internet, but we have compiled a list of what we feel are the top five essentials to enhancing your online reputation this year.


Google may be known first as a search engine, but it is no surprise that it is also top among the most prominent review sites. Today, Google must be the king when it comes to the review ecosystem. You can think of it as the digital Yellow Pages for many businesses.

With Google search, customers are provided with in-depth information about companies such as hotels and restaurants. This includes details on the location, prices, business pictures, and customer feedback. With that, business owners must ensure that their businesses look excellent on Google.

Google receives billions of searches every day and has multiple functionalities across various devices. For the most part, we can agree that Google reviews are more visible than those posted on other sites. With a simple business search, a Google review always pops up. Its robust algorithm enables businesses to blend the functionality of their location (Google Maps) with the potential customer searches within a vicinity. For a business to respond, they need verification on Google My Business (GMB).


If you have used Facebook, you know it is the largest social media site globally. It is also the most prominent review site that follows Google closely. If your business has a Facebook account, it can get more visibility since the platform has billions of users. The unique part about Facebook is that as opposed to using a 5-star rating system, it gives customers and users the binary system options to recommend or not recommend a business.

Being a global-scale social network, Facebook offers massive opportunities for businesses. The platform also has excellent functionality to run paid ads that specifically target your significant demographics. Through that, you can increase your chances of visitor conversions. What’s more, Facebook allows every business type out there to set up shop.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

This is one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to business reviews and ratings. BBB rates businesses using an A to F scale, depending on various aspects. The factors used comprise business reviews, mentioned complaints, and how a company responds. Since the platform is widely trusted, any rating or review given for a business can significantly impact it.

BBB’s accreditation process works to show consumers that they can trust a particular company. It offers a guarantee to consumers that a business does its best to resolve any complaints raised and also in responding to inquiries. With paid accreditation, you gain more online exposure, access to webinars and workshops, and a lot more.

The Absolute Dater

If you are planning to get back into the dating world but are not sure what app to choose, you might want to check out The Absolute Dater. This is a great website for people who are looking to find their soulmate (or just someone to flirt with) because it offers full reviews on dating apps and sites.

The reason why I chose the The Absolute Dater as one of the best review sites in 2022 is because it doesn’t only focus on the popular apps and sites like Tinder, for example. It also takes a look at sites that operate on the “freemium” plan. Here is where you usually end up dealing with scammers. Luckily, you can read their full reviews and avoid any type of issue.


Yelp may not be as mighty a review site as it initially was, but the fact is that it is still a big player in the ecosystem. It is still prevalent among consumers. Yelp is no longer just for restaurants and offers reviews for various industries and businesses. It provides a five-star scale, and you can freely set a profile as a user or business.

Through Yelp, companies, especially those in close geographical locations or local neighborhoods, can promote what they have to offer to new and already existing customers for more visibility. The business profile provides details about location, contacts, and store hours. You can also find health inspection covers.

Final Thoughts

Customer reviews can be the ones to grow or make a business lag. They help other customers gauge the quality of a product, good, or service before deciding to engage or make a purchase. Through review sites, the task has been made easier for potential consumers. For any business to be recognized in 2022, it must be highly visible online. There’s no better way to achieve this than through customer reviews. If you are a business owner looking to grow your business this year, optimize it to be visible on the four review sites mentioned above.


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