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Use Android Smart Text Selection and Convert Units on the Go With Just a Few Taps

Google has recently rolled out a utility feature for Android users. The already convenient Android Smart Text Selection has worked like a charm. For instance, Android pastes a phone number on your dialer whenever you copy one. Additionally, it also allows you to search the internet with a specific word. Surprisingly, it now has the ability to do unit conversions.

If you select a unit of measurement, Google would stick-select the number and unit, offering you a button for conversion. It actually asks the Google App on your smartphone to make a Google search with the selected metric to convert it. Think it as an automatic Google search for conversion. In use, it works with all units that Google is aware of, including distance, time and even currency. Before this, Google has launched multiple add ons to increase the usability of Android devices. A new Text Preview was also tested recently by Google.

Android Smart Text Selection learns to do metric conversions

Android Smart Text Selection would be useful for people who have to deal with different metrics on a daily basis. Instead of manually typing the units, copying them on the Google App, just tap and hold and click on convert. It would not only save time but also rescues people with a short memory. However, nobody knows when this feature was actually added to Smart Text Selection. Android Police recently tested out this feature, click here to read the report.


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