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New Text Previews And Search Images Tested By Google

You must have heard people around you saying, “If you don’t know, just Google it”. That is what makes Google one of the most-used search tool. Not just on Windows and Android platforms, but Google Search also finds its way on iPhones and other Apple devices. And why wouldn’t it be, the company is constantly improving the user experience over time. Moreover, it was only this week that Google tested new text previews and search images.

Being a UI addition, the feature previews images that are embedded in a link when you hover your cursor over it. While it might sound like a simple update, it gives you more detail about the content on a page without leaving your current search window.

Google to add image preview
Image Courtesy: Ishan Agarwal

9TO5Google reports that while testing the new features, they searched for “Stadia”, and could only see previews from Stadia Dev Blog and Wikipedia in the form of text. When they searched for “Note 20 Review”, the search engine showed image and text previews from every website. As soon as you would hover over a link on the search page, Google Images would also show you the most relevant results. However, the images do not disappear once you remove the cursor. This might improve with updates.

The public launch of this feature is still unknown, however, some users also report to experience the UI tweak on Twitter. Other users got to experience the new feature while they were in Chrome’s incognito mode. For understanding purpose, this feature is something similar to the small tab that opens up when you hover over a hypertext in Wikipedia.


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