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Practical Methods to Unlock Huawei Phone without Resetting with Video Tutorial


Lock screen passwords are crucial safeguards against illegal access to our privacy.  It is very easy to be locked out of Huawei in daily life for some reason. For example, you may forget the PIN, pattern, or password for your Huawei P30, P20, or P10. You may buy a used Huawei phone with the previous owner’s password. Or your partner or child accidentally changed your password. But don’t worry.

You’ve come to the proper website if you’ve locked your Huawei phone and want to unlock it without resetting.  Getting back into your smartphone will be difficult if you forget the passwords. You will lose data even if a factory reset opens your Huawei phone without password. Well, read this article till the end to learn about how to unlock Huawei phone without resetting.

Part 1: What should we do before unlocking Huawei Phone?

Before unlocking the Huawei phone, what should we do Well?  You need to check whether the device password has been altered by you or someone else. When you type the password, you should verify that you used the right capital letters, lowercase letters, symbols, etc.

Moreover, if you’ve never established a password for your device or the password length is different, check to see if Private Space is enabled. Check if you are logged in as an owner or user account. Finally, put your phone through a factory reset. Unfortunately, it will erase the device’s data.

Video tutorial:

Part 2: Practical Method for Huawei How to Unlock Phone?

Nowadays, practically everyone with a smartphone locks it with a PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, etc. The greatest approach to safeguarding consumers’ privacy is through this. However, it would occasionally lose track of the passcode they establish for their smartphone. There are a lot of ways for Huawei how to unlock phone. Resetting phone is the quickly way to unlock your lock screen.

But, no one want to reset their phone because doing it will delete all of their important data. Hence, here we are going to recommend the practical method to bypass Android lock screen. You can use Tenorshare 4ukey for Android as it is one of the most quickest and safest ways to unlock Huawei device! Below are the steps you need to follow for huawei how to unlock phone.

Full guide on how to unlock a Huawei Phone If Forgot Pattern:

Step 1: Connect your Android device to your computer first, and then pick “Remove Screen Lock” from the feature menu.


Step 2: Verify and begin. To remove the forgotten lock screen passcode, click “Start.” Next, follow the steps to enter into recovery mode.


Step 3: Successful Removal. You’ll notice that everything has been done after a few minutes.


Any type of screen lock on the Android smartphone can be removed with the Tenorshare Android Unlocker. Mostly, it is applicable to most Android phones available on the market. Additionally, this program enables data-free unlocking of older Samsung models such as the Note 3, Note 4, and Galaxy S5. Without having an expert understanding, you may manage it easily. Below are main key features of Tenorshare 4ukey for Android.

Key features of this Huawei screen unlocker:

  • It can easily remove different types of lock screen, such as the face ID, pattern, pin, and password locks on Android devices.  
  • It can unlock older Samsung smartphones without losing data.
  • It has an untethered and FRP bypass Android Lock Screen Removal!
  • Quick & simple to securely unlock Android phones with full guide.
  • It removes the Android lock screen with high success rate!

Part 3: Extra Methods to Unlock Huawei Phone without Resetting:

 Above is why we’ve outlined some potential methods that anyone may use to unlock a Huawei phone without resetting it if they forget the password. Use Tenorshare 4ukey for Android would save your time and keep extra money. It is mentioned before there are quite a few methods to fix How to unlock Huawei phone without resetting? Below are the other two recommended ways to unlock Huawei phones.

Way 1: Using Find My Device

Using Google Find My Device, commonly known as Android Device Manager,  to unlock Huawei phone may remotely wipe the data from lost phones. It can, therefore, also get rid of the lock. You must sign into your Google account on Huawei and enable the Location and Find My Device capabilities in addition to connecting the phone to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Follow has shown the guides to Unlock Huawei Phone without Resetting.

Step 1: Go to Find My Handset website, sign in using Google account, and select your locked Huawei model as the first step.


Step 2: Now tap “Next” and then “ERASE DEVICE”. To unlock Huawei phone, enter your account and password and press the “Erase” icon.

Way 2: Using Forgot Pattern

Some older Android phones include a function called “Forgot Pattern/Password” that lets you unlock the screen without resetting the device. However, it only functions on Android 4.4 and below and requires your Google account.

Follow the below-mentioned easy steps if you want to know How to Unlock Huawei Phone without Resetting it,

Step 1: On your locked Huawei phone, repeatedly input a passcode at random.

Step 2: Please touch on the “Forgot password” symbol when you see it on the screen. Then enter your Google password and email address.

Step 3: You will get an email on your Gmail account to reset your password for the locked phone. Afterward, follow the instructions in the email, and you will get rid of the lock with no trouble.


Part 4: The bottom line

As you can see, most methods don’t prevent data loss from the phone while the phone is being unlocked. Nevertheless, you will be given instructions from Tenorshare 4ukey for Android on Huawei how to unlock phone quickly and safely after first backing up your Huawei data. What are you waiting for? Try these practical methods to unlock Huawei phone without resetting.


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