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The Influence of Smartphones Use on Academic Performance

There is no doubt, that students are the ones who use smartphones the most, compared to other social groups. The direct relationship between the amount of time spent in front of the screen scrolling the feed or texting and the overall success of academic performance has been shown for multiple times, and the results of the studies say, that the influence of smartphones is huge.

Students are people who are always looking for methods to simplify their lives, which has grown even more apparent in current times. What a blessing that we live in an era of advanced technology and the Internet, where there is a software for almost any requirement, from obtaining the essential information to finding college paper writers, who can complete all of your duties for you at a fair price.

Many studies have attempted to explore the link between smartphone usage and student excellence, however much of this research has depended on students reporting their own usage, which they frequently understate. So we want to discuss the main question here — do devices actually influence the studying process?


The majority of studies claim, that the influence of smartphone usage is mainly negative education-wise. Other than that, teachers themselves claim, that smartphones not only distract students from studying, but also turn them to multitask, which is on its own a bad thing for one’s productivity. Furthermore, having to switch tasks necessitates the expenditure of time, effort, and energy.

As a result, teachers must provide pupils with persuasive data demonstrating that multitasking is a misconception. When their phone is on standby next to them, it is impossible for them to completely engage with classroom teaching, homework, or revision since the sheer existence of their phone is enough to distract them.


However, not everything about device usage in class is that bad. Multiple opportunities allow teachers to turn those dreadful smartphones into extremely useful educational equipment. There is no doubt that instructional device has modified a lot in recent years, which is conditioned by means of the speedy improvement of science and the Internet. Teachers and students have no other way, that to construct the analyzing with an inevitable use of educational technology tools. Especially considering present day conditions, many parents, children, and instructors are searching forward to the use of less technology subsequent 12 months following a year of definitely digital school.

Such instruments, as Google Workspace, for example, is a very useful suite of software that greatly simplifies the working and educational processes. The Google Drive service allows you to store multiple documents in one place and quickly share them with others. For it to work, you just need an Internet-connected device of any kind. Furthermore, by enabling the off-line option, you may read your stored documents even if you do not have an Internet connection. Just keep your login and password in mind.

Also, there is a vast range of services, that make the learning process brighter and way more efficient for students, such as Quizlet or Kahoot. They allow students to create different quizzes and flashcards to memorize the information easier, or teachers can give the student the ones they created for testing.

Moreover, a teacher can always control what the students are doing on their phones in class using special programs. For example, a teacher uploads the file into the database and gives access to everyone in the class. There are services that allow teachers and students to work on something simultaneously, while also tracking everyone’s activity and actions. In addition to having control in the classroom, the teacher can also look at the mistakes student may be making, and discuss them on spot.


We live in a time when technology-teaching tools abound; therefore, the key is to sift through them all to find the gems. There is no doubt that the educational system has changed dramatically in recent years, owing to the fast growth of technology and the Internet. Teachers and students have little choice but to construct their studies with the unavoidable usage of educational technology tools. After a year of utilizing 100% virtual school, students, parents, and teachers may be looking forward to using less technology next school year, especially given the current pandemic situation. However, the actual influence of technology lies with the user.


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