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The “AAWireless” Lets You Use Android Auto On Any Device!

Touchscreen Feedback Systems are very common in vehicles these days. Be it a hatchback, sedan or an SUV, it is very common to see a touchscreen that can control the utilities of the vehicle. These systems are just like computers and can connect to your smartphones, letting you access your contacts, playlist, emails and navigations maps on the go. A very popular name in the industry is Google’s Android Auto, which is very useful for the driver.

You would need to have a phone that runs on Android 11. Other than that, both the infotainment system of your car and your phone shall support the 5GHz Wi-Fi. If your devices do not fulfil the above criteria, you can use an external dongle such as “AAWireless”.

AAWireless lets you use Android Auto on any Google smartphone
Image Courtesy: Indiegogo

It is actually a crowd-funded project that promises to develop a dongle that fits into the USB port in the infotainment system and brings the functionality of Android Auto to your device. The device takes a few moments to set up for the first time. It connects with your device over Bluetooth. Once you start your car, the dongle boots up in about 45 seconds, and takes over the display. While it is still in the development stages, the idea of using Android Auto without a wire is quite fascinating.

The device would ship with a native software that would install on your smartphone. During the initial impressions, several reviewers find it intruiging. The device functions seamlessly, with a few random connectivity hiccups and lags, which can easily be fixed using OTA updates.


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