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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Launched – Fully Loaded Wireless Earphones

With the latest truly wireless earphones, Samsung is retaining the boxy design of the charging case from the previous version of Galaxy Buds. The earbuds themselves are slightly changed in terms of form. Launching the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro worldwide, the company has put in some nerve in the product.

Packed with pro sounds quality, the galaxy buds pro comes with the most intelligent active sound cancellation algorithms. Samsung says that the Buds Pro is designed and engineered to deliver the best experience. Most wireless earphones use a one-way speaker system. However, the system-in-package in the new buds comes with two-way speakers. With 360 degrees audio, the buds pro can detect your head movements, and adjust the sound accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro feature Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation

Using the advanced microphones, the ANC can cancel both ambient noises and sounds inside your ears. With the help of intelligent ANC, a microphone detects our voice, identifies that the user is in a conversation, and lets him listen to himself. So when you are speaking the noise cancellation goes down. All-in-all ANC is phenomenal.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Launched By Samsung
Image Courtesy: Samsung

Better and improved call quality

Finally, with the buds pro, you can expect a better call quality. With three microphones, the device can differentiate between your voice and ambient noise like never before, delivering a top-notch call quality. The most crucial aspect of noise cancellation – the sound of air. It can cancel that as well!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Launched by Samsung
Image Courtesy: Samsung

The earbuds can intelligently understand our usage, and hence it can switch between your tablet and your phone. So if you are working on your tablet and your phone rings, buds pro switch automatically to your phone. They fit more securely, without protruding out of your ear. The custom-designed air vent equalizes pressure on either side of your ears.

With IPX7, water resistance is not an issue. You can use the accessories of your Galaxy Buds live with the Galaxy Buds pro. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are available for pre-order for ₹15,990 on Samsung’s official website.


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