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PS5 Launch: A Mess For Sony and PlayStation

PS5 is trending at number 1 on Twitter as Sony released the release date of the highly anticipated console. Scheduled to launch on November 12th, the PS5 will cost $499.99 that puts it at the same cost as Microsoft’s Xbox series X. However, the Digital Edition will cost $100 more than the Xbox series S, with a launch price of 399.99 dollars.

The November 12th PS5 launch date is applicable to the United States, South Korea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Mexico. The rest of the world will receive the console on November 19th. The preorder was scheduled to begin on September 17th at “select retailers”.

However, possibly due to miscommunications between Sony and the retailers, the PS5 launch preorders are a complete mess. For starters, the announcement didn’t specify the date when the pre-orders launched. Gamers were clueless till an official Playstation tweet specified it to be September 17th. However, they were thrown off as people started sharing screenshots showing the PS5 being sold-out or celebrating that they managed to pre-order the console.

How the PS5 launch mess unfolded?

When the PS5 announcement ended, customers casually checking their local GameStop or Walmart were surprised to get their PS5 preorder a day earlier than the announced date. The news spread like wildfire, with preorder stocks being sold out within hours. People were quick to point out to Sony’s promise to give “plenty of advance notice” regarding preorders.

What’s more? People who found about the early release were faced with issues in the preorder process. People had to try for over an hour to get their preorders. And even if you managed to reach the checkout screen, many people noticed that their order was automatically removed from their cart.

The mess became uglier, with some retailer website being unable to handle the sudden increased demand. Target’s online store, for instance, started blocking users as the demand seemed to trigger some anti-DDoS safeguard. What’s more surprising is that Playstation hasn’t released an official statement surrounding the mess yet.


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