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PepsiCo Launches Two New DTC Websites for Online Snacks Shopping

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, every street was under lockdown across the globe. For weeks on end, every market and business was shut. Now, as the restrictions are being eased, companies are finding it convenient to sell their products online. This has increased the scope for online businesses and every business is trying to launch its services online.

In the past few weeks, we have seen the rise of various online services, especially the grocery and essential commodities. Some companies launched mobile apps for sellers while some created web apps to sell and deliver their products to their customers. Now a week ago, PepsiCo also launched two direct-to-consumer (DTC) websites for shopping their snacks online during this COVID-19 pandemic. These websites let the Americans get their favorite snacks online directly from the company. This may help the company build its e-commerce prowess over the longer term.

The Two New DTC Websites

PepsiCo Launches Two New DTC Websites for Online Snacks Shopping

The sites were launched last Monday and are available through the domains PantryShop.com and Snacks.com. These are the two new DTC websites of PepsiCo “where shoppers can order an assortment of PepsiCo’s trusted and loved food and beverage brands,” said the company. These online shopping portals are mainly a response to pandemic buying habits.

While PantryShop.com provides bundles of different products which contain PepsiCo’s top-selling, pantry favorites from brands like Quaker, SunChips, Tropicana, etc. Snacks.com offers customers their favorite Frito-Lay products from brands like Lay’s, Tostitos, Cheetos, and Ruffles. Customers can also order crackers, nuts, and more. American consumers can now order PepsiCo snacks online through these two websites and get them to deliver at their doorstep. PepsiCo is also offering free shipping for its customers on orders above $15.

This is a good way of getting the snacks directly from the company without the presence of any middlemen in between. The best thing is that you can get your favorite snacks without even getting out of your house.


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