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Oneplus Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 to Receive Only One Major Update

OnePlus latest announcements Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 are the OnePlus new mid-range segment smartphones that recently got announced in Europe and the USA just after the OnePlus 8T.

The upcoming budget-friendly smartphones will receive only one primary android update that is up to Android 11 only. OnePlus spokesperson confirmed to Android Central.

However, the company promised to provide two years of continuous security updates.

“The Nord N10 5G and N100 will receive one major Android update and a total of two years of security updates. The plan for these two devices aligns with industry standards for smartphones in more affordable price ranges. As always, we will continue listening to feedback from our users and looking for ways to improve the software experience for all OnePlus devices”

Smartphone manufacturers provide smartphones with two primary Android updates and three years of Android security updates. But it seems OnePlus has overworked itself by releasing so many smartphones this year that it won’t be able to provide the service needed to them.

This is the exact same strategy Motorola followed which led to its downfall. And OnePlus seems to follow that too.

On the contrary, the OnePlus 8T comes with Android 11 out of the box. And hence it’s a flagship it will continue the get the best service from the company.

This gives the impression that OnePlus is still focusing on its flagship phones more than the upcoming mid-range smartphones. Whereas, the other competitors are still providing the usual updates service.


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