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Microsoft Office Word will support 100% dark mode soon

Dark Mode is everything may it be any operating system for PCs or smartphones or apps. Windows 10 has a dedicated system-wide dark mode too but it doesn’t apply to all the programs. Microsoft Word has been one of the programs where you can engage a dark mode but it isn’t consistent. Turns out, Microsoft is working on a dark mode for the MS Office Word and it will be released soon.

According to @flobo09 on Twitter, he posted a screenshot of MS Office Word showcasing its dark mode. The leak suggests that this dark mode is way different from the earlier one available on the program. As of now, the UI turns dark with ribbon, search, and a few other elements that turn dark. Once this new dark mode becomes online, it will paint the program entirely black including the status bar, document area, and other regions.

MS Office Word
Via (@flobo09) Twitter

The report further adds that the MS Word Dark Mode is presently in the development stage. There’s no ETA on when it will arrive on the public version although it will roll for the insiders first. It is speculated that the MS Office Word Desktop Dark Mode is presently available in the beta channel. It would still take some time before it enters the product channel. The program could enter the latter stage by next month although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed it yet.

The leaked image shows the Word program with a 100 percent dark theme and it looks flabbergasting. Unlike MS Office Word, MS Office PowerPoint and Excel are still using their default theme. They might enter dark mode later but there’s no confirmation on it as well.

You can engage in dark mode themes on Office apps by going through File >> Account >> Office Theme. This isn’t the standard dark mode since it darkens only a few elements but not all. Microsoft is yet to comment on the same and thus, we will have to wait until an official confirmation isn’t available.


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