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Microsoft Edge Restores File Download Options

Microsoft has brought back a popular feature to its Chromium-based web browser. Available to the users of Microsoft Edge Canary and Edge Dev channels, this feature allows users to choose from multiple options when they choose to download a file. Users working with builds version 87.0.629.0 are allowed to access this feature.

The feature was discussed in Microsoft’s new tech-community blog here. The feature was available in Edge’s legacy version. Now making its first appearance in the Chromium Based Microsoft Edge, the feature allows you to choose what you do to a file for download.

What’s new for Microsoft Edge users?

When downloading a file on the Microsoft Edge powered by Chromium, users will get access to four options. The first option, labeled ‘Open’, will download the file to a temporary folder and open it. This is useful for instances where you don’t wish to preserve the file for future use, as the folder will try to empty itself at the start of a new browser session.

Image Courtesy: Microsoft

The second option is labeled ‘Save as’. Choosing the option will open the file explorer, allowing you to choose details like the location for the download, name for the file and so on. The third option, available in the ellipsis menu, is similar to the second. Labeled ‘Save’, this option will download the file in the default Downloads location on your device. You can change the default location by accessing the Downloads settings in your browser.

The final option is ‘Cancel’. As the name suggests, it cancels your download. It is accessible through the ellipsis menu. It is helpful in an instance where you unintentionally clicked a download link. Further, Edge users are now able to delete downloaded files without having to exit the browser. To do so, one has to access the Downloads page on a supported Microsoft Edge build. Next, the users can right-click a previously downloaded file and choose to delete it.


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