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Apple Event: Everything We Can Expect

Apple has scheduled an announcement event for 15th September 2020. However, rumors indicate that the next-gen iPhones wouldn’t make an appearance till October this year. So, here is a list of things we can see at the event, along with things we probably won’t.

The event will be held online for the year, as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still around. It will be similar to Apple’s developer conference back in June. The event will broadcast on the official Apple Events website at 10 AM PDT (5 PM UTC) on 15th September.

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What to expect from the Apple event?

Based on an invite sent to media companies, it is confirmed that Apple has titled the event as “Time Flies”. It is a reference to the upcoming Apple Watch 6. The smartwatch is one of the devices scheduled to be announced at the digital event. 

Exploring the topic of Apple Watch 6, the device might have multiple features relevant to the coronavirus pandemic. Based on rumors, these will include a blood oxygen detector, Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a temperature sensor.

Another highly anticipated device for the event will be the Apple AirTags. These tile Bluetooth trackers can attach to valuables, allowing you to track them using an iPhone app. There is a word about an AR-based tracker, which will allow users to see where exactly the tag is in their vicinity.

Another device expected to be a part of the event is the iPad Air 4. While little is known about the features of this new model, it will surely be a fine addition to Apple’s range of tablets.

What you shouldn’t expect?

With the event providing information about eagerly awaited products, some devices will fail to feature on Tuesday. One such device is the iPhone 12. It faced significant disruptions due to the impact of coronavirus. For customers awaiting the release of next-gen iPhones with 5G functionality, the wait continues longer with another event rumored for October.

Another major news, which may potentially not feature at the event will be surrounding major updates to the MacOS and the Safari browser. These details might arrive later, as part of the rumored October event.

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