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Messenger Desktop To Add Holiday AR Effects And Filters!

One of the most used applications on the planet Earth is Facebook Messenger. Until this year, the experience was limited to smartphones and tablets. Recently, Facebook launched the desktop version of Messenger, to cater to the macOS and Window’s user. This was surely in line with several messengers being available on desktop and letting the users experience the interactive messaging application on their desktop. Well, the good news is that Messenger has announced an update, which would add Holiday AR Effects and Filters to the large screen experience.

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Image Courtesy: Messenger News

These interactive features are specifically designed for a screen as large as your laptop or desktop. Naturally, you might see some really beautiful designs. What I am specifically waiting for is the 360-degree and AR-enabled backgrounds. Not only that, Facebook has launched a bunch of Holiday AR effects and Filters, to add to the holiday spirit, for both mobile and desktop platforms. It is sort of a race among social media platforms, to be relevant and add loads of benefits for their users.

Here is a list of AR effects; all of them come with an uplifting holiday spirit.

  • Santa’s Lap
  • Christmas Tree Hat
  • Festive Lights
  • Christmas Elf
  • Winter Village
  • Grumpy Yeti
  • Golden New Year
  • Snow Day

Sticker pack includes:

  • Christmas Stickers
  • Hanukkah with Dreidel Stickers
  • “Bye 2020”, “New Year’s Eve” Stickers

To access these new filters and stickers, click on the smiley face while on a video call, enjoying a room call with your friends, or sending pictures to your family. Use these simply while texting, or you can use them to decorate a video call – the Holiday Style! If you have not checked out the Messenger Desktop yet, you are missing on a lot.


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