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Make Windows Computers Cleaner, Faster and Safer with Advanced SystemCare 14

Whether you have a top-notch Windows machine or a PC with basic system specifications, it will slow down after months or weeks of use. Fortunately, you can make some adjustments to get the computer back to normal by using Advanced SystemCare 14, which can do all the adjustment jobs and manage your computer with an easy-to-use UI.

What is Advanced SystemCare 14?

Advanced SystemCare 14 is a reliable software that can help you clean, protect and speed up your PC and improve the computer’s performance. The powerful AI Scan mode combined with a simple one-click solution allows you to easily delete unnecessary files, invalid shortcuts, and legacy content on your PC. It can also remove spyware, eliminate browser privacy traces, increase Internet speed, and update your outdated programs. This is a one-stop tool to optimize Windows PC and save you from the hassle of manual maintenance.

Advanced SystemCare 1

Main features of Advanced SystemCare 14

The most important features of Advanced SystemCare 14 to clean and speed up the computer include:

  • Scan and clean junk files
  • Auto clean the memory 
  • AI Scan and maintain the PC
  • Manage startup items and service
  • Scan and remove online threats
  • Repair common computer errors
  • Block unwanted access to files
  • Update all Windows programs

How to use ASC14?

Advanced SystemCare 14 offers many PC optimization options, and all can be accessed through a simple user interface. When installation and configuration are complete, users can use the software according to the following steps.

Step1: Click on the Care tab on the left and select AI mode or Manual mode scan. Tech beginners can one-click scan and fix computer errors with the AI mode as it automatically selects the items that mostly slows down the computer. Tech experts can use Manual Mode and select the optimization items according to their computer using habits. It will take a while to complete the scan and then users can fix all the computer problems according to the scan report.

Step2: Go back to the main UI and click on the Speed Up tab. Click on the Turbo Boost to stop the unnecessary services and background apps to make the PC faster. Click on the Startup Optimizer to turn off the unwanted startup items, scheduled tasks, and services. It also provides a driver updater and uninstaller tool to optimize computer performance.

Step 3: Click on the Protect tab to protect the computer from all the threats. It auto blocks suspicious apps from accessing the data, block malicious websites, remove browser ads and protect the digital fingerprint from illegal use.


  • One-click clean junk files and privacy traces
  • Auto clean memory and manage startup items
  • Auto scan and remove online threats
  • Optimize Internet and fix vulnerabilities
  • More than 20 free built-in system tools


  • Some system tools need to be installed before using

Advanced SystemCare 2.


Advanced SystemCare 14 is an advanced system optimization tool to make your PC cleaner, safer and faster. It provides smart, deep, and full-around optimization with an easy-to-use UI. Both tech experts and tech beginners can save their time from manual maintenance for a more enjoyable digital life on computers.


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